Zoom Virtual Meeting Etiquette [Infographic]

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    We’ve got some tips and etiquette rules when being a part of a Zoom or any virtual meeting.

    Zoom Remote Meeting Etiquette
    1. Turn off notifications. Those little pings are distracting to you and other meeting attendees.
    2. Turn on the lights. If you can, get proper lighting. You don’t need a fancy studio or expensive lighting. Sit near a window or have a bright lamp nearby. 
    3. Look at the camera when talking. It’s becoming somewhat rude now if you are looking at the monitor instead of the camera. It’s a bit awkward at first but your audience will appreciate eye contact.
    4. When moving around, turn off the video. If you decide to walk around or stand up. Many cameras are at eye level but the moment you stand up, it’s not.
    5. Mute yourself if you are not talking. Mics can pick up all kinds of sounds from you typing to the rustling of your shirt if your mic is close to your clothing.
    6. Check Your Defaults. If you are the host, turn off screen sharing, video, and microphones by default. Some folks are not ready to share their video when they first open a meeting.
    7. Share your app, not your screen. When sharing your screen, try to only share that application instead of your whole screen. Some attendees might be watching on a mobile device or have laptops so the screen might be too small if your monitor is large.
    8. Clear the space behind you. Your colleagues don’t want a view of your dirty dishes or an unmade bed. 
    9. Someone arrives late. If someone is late, there is no need to recap the meeting. They can get caught up after the meeting.

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