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So many of our customers are not sure what to say on the homepage. Many are a little confused about the homepage's purpose. We think of the traditional idea that it is the door to your website.

The homepage is usually the door, but your website will have many doorways. But this first page is usually at the top and can be the center. If you do get a visitor that lands on an interior page first, they will usually look for the homepage.

The trick, though, is to not treat it like the catch all for everything. Many, in the past, thought this is where you wanted every action or piece of information or subscription form or download link or next step to be.

The #1 reason your homepage exists is communicate why a visitor should choose you.

What your homepage is not

  • A place for your mission statement.
  • A place for your history
  • A place to immediately as visitors to subscribe to your newsletter
  • A place to list every single service your provide

You Homepage is, however:

  • A place to immediately distinguish yourself. You want to clarify and expand on that single idea.
  • A place to explain exactly what you do within 3 seconds. Why You?
  • A couple of seconds after that, what you want them to do; The Action Step
  • A place to convince your visitors to take the next step.
  • A place to begin earning their trust.

If you have a business that offers many different products or services, you should keep your headlines simple and short. That initial introductory paragraph needs clarify your message.

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