5 Tips For Your Contact Us Page [List]

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    Your Contact Us page does not need to be boring with only your phone and address. You can do some neat stuff here.

    Here are some ideas:

    1. Add A Google Map

    If you have a physical address, a dynamic, embedded Google map can help your visitors get quick directions to their phone. You can go to Google’s map, type in your address, hit the Share button, and copy the Embed code.

    2. Be The Operator For Your Customers

    Help your customers by guiding them to the best way to contact you. If you have staff or service areas, a form can include a drop down that will direct customers to the right person. Have a billing question? Choose the billing option with a comment and the Accounting department will get notified.

    3. Add Frequently Asked Questions

    Add some of your more frequently asked questions here. 3-4 questions of your most repeated answers can not only save you time but maybe some customer frustration. How great would it be if you could lower the amount of phone calls and still provide a great customer experience!

    The Contact Us Page - Stop them before they ask. Include top 5 FAQs, links to resources, & your phone. Click To Tweet

    4. Have more than one location?

    Other sections might be to have a map with all of your locations. Do you have projects nationally? Maybe a star on each city with a sales person.

    5. Include Your Calls to Action

    Don’t forget to include your call-to-action. Let’s try to keep people on your website and provide them with an alternative if they don’t want to complete the form. Maybe the latest blog post can guide your customers to find how you are the experts in your field.

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    Example Contact Us pages

    1. Southwest Ob/Gyn – Several Locations and A 3D Tour

    contact us page example

    2. Behind the Mixer – Add Some Frequently Asked Questions

    contact us page example

    2. Behind the Mixer – Add Some Frequently Asked Questions

    contact us page example

    Contact Us Page - Be A Resource

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