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WordPress Website Design

Start 2017 with a fresh start!

Let's take "build a website" off the list once and for all with a new, redesigned website that will make a big difference!

Happy Customers Are The Best Customers

Lisa Giesler, Professional Organizer & Speaker

Christina is very knowledgeable when it comes to your online and web needs. She knows the latest technology, which was a plus to me. More than a web developer, a business resource. She consistently works on my website and makes improvements. Each change brings more business. I highly recommend her.

Hal Poel, Marketing

Christina developed an entire marketing strategy and executed an online presence for our new company. [...] Rather than attempting to "boil the ocean" she charted a progressive strategy that the company can grow into. Christina has a good design sense. I would highly recommend her company and am prepared to talk to others who are considering hiring her.

Why We Use WordPress

There is on old impression of WordPress that it's only a blogging tool. That ‘issues’ arise due to plugins and that it’s basically not appropriate to run a personal or business website.

Let's just start with the fact that 25.8% of all websites use WordPress as it’s website framework. Websites like Time, Obama's Foundation, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Sony Music, the list goes on.

Here are some myth-dispelling reasons:

1. It’s a full content-management tool.
Yes, it originally started as a blogging tool but in the past 3-4 years, it has grown into a full-blown content management tool. It’s almost unrecognizable from it original state in 2003. It’s been over 13 years since it was first developed and there have been 191 releases.

With each new update, an improvement to accessibility, user-friendliness, and functionality are added.

2. Expanded Capabilities.

If you have asked if it can be done, someone has probably already built it. WordPress is an open-source tool meaning it is free. It is powered and built by hundreds of volunteers and content writers for documentation.

45,000 plugins to help your website meet your needs like e-commerce, photo galleries, memberships, and teaching tools.

"WordPress is limited only by your imagination." - I don't know who said this first but I like to say it.

3. Widely used with a wide pool of experienced developers.
Within the open-source community, we are able to pull from a large pool of developers and designers. There are actually companies that only cater to web shops like ours with advanced WordPress contractors. Meaning, you are not limited to the one company who built your website using their proprietary tool.

If we can’t fix it or build that special feature, we can find someone who can.

4. Proper coding.
Done right and your website does not have to fall on the fate of obsoleteness. We have a special care program where we take care of WordPress websites. Managed properly, we maintain plugins and the core with monthly, weekly, and daily backups. Upgrade when needed and manage your website’s performance.

If the website is coded properly, these updates should be minimal.

5. Design Changes Made Easier
Wordpress uses a template system for the design. It’s like the interior design of a home. The framework of your house remains the same but you can always change out curtains, redo the cabinets, even add-on a bedroom. But the foundation remains. WordPress is the foundation and plumbing while plugins are the french doors, the air conditioning, water heater, lights, and all the parts of your home that make it livable, comfortable, and stylish.

Happy Customers Are The Best Customers

Betsy DeVega, KnILE Center

I hired Christina to develop and run my business website [6 years ago]. I have been very pleased with the look and flow of the website. She has also made it very easy for me to maintain and change any contents in the site and is always available to answer any questions I may have. I highly recommend her and her services. You will not be disappointed.

Amber Callahan, Get Plant Fit

When I wanted my WordPress Web Design to have a new look that better reflected me, GlobalSpex knew exactly what I was looking for. [They] had a vision, had great ideas and turned it around very quickly. Anytime I have a question now, no matter how small, she responds quickly and helps me resolve my issue. I highly recommend her! - Amber Callahan, Nutrition Coach and Arbonne Independent Consultant,

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WordPress Custom Design – We specialize in content management design using WordPress web design services. We can take WordPress and do some pretty amazing things.

WordPress Installs and Migrations - We will install the latest version of WordPress on your server. If you already have a website and want a blog we can either customize WordPress to match your website or we can do our best to blend it to your current marketing brand.

WordPress Hosting and Care Plans - We can host your website to keep it safe and secure. We'll back it up regularly, check for malware, speed it up, and more.

We can custom design it or utilize a template – If you need custom design services, we can offer you a complete design package, turning the content management tool, WordPress,  into your brand.

Template? If your brand allows for it or maybe your budget, we can also find the right theme for a quick turn around.

Have an idea but think it might be costly? Using various free and premium plugins, we will install and configure the features of your website and set up latest plugins that fit your needs.

Need help with blogging? We can help you strategize so it's not so hard. There are tools and techniques that can help you with the daunting task of regular blog posts.

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