Woocommerce – Product Spreadsheet with Attributes

When importing a large number of products, we use a spreadsheet to create and manage each product and their respective meta data. If products have variations, then we need to add each product multiple times and their respective variation.

In this video, I go through how to add attributes to your spreadsheet.

WooCommerce Product Spreadsheet Template: https://gxweb.site/ecommgooglesheet

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Christina Hawkins


  1. Avery Thompson on November 23, 2017 at 12:35 am

    Thanks for the information Christina! I’m still pretty new to WooCommerce, and this is going to help me out quite a bit!! Thanks again for the insight

    • Christina Hawkins on November 26, 2017 at 2:19 pm

      You are most welcome, Avery.

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