Will Multiple Domains Help My SEO?

Will multiple domains help my company’s search engine optimization strategy?

photo of domainsWell, the answer to that question is… No. Well, thanks for reading! See you next time.

Okay, some of you want an explanation why I say no to this. Contrary to a popular but outdated idea to buy several domains with your key phrases and point them to your website, this technique just does not work. To explain further, widget-keyword.com, widgets-secondkeyword.com, widgets-keyword.net, and widgets-thirdkeyword.com are three domains with keyword rich words. The strategy was to point them to widgets.com and reap the benefits of these various, cheap domains.

Okay, Christina, but why? Well, the reason stems from search engine’s ability to get a little smarter over the years. Early on we all saw the price of domains plummet from $35/year to a mere $8 – $15 per year and we just grabbed these domains. Partly to protect our brand but to also stake claim on the internet landscape like the old Homestead days.

The idea was that you could simply point these many domains to your website and Google would just know that the site existed and give you “points” for the key words. But as search engines have improved their algorithm, they are making sure that there is actual content on each website. Meaning, choose a website domain that will be your primary website and add content to it. Work that website for SEO.

If you have several domains, that means you need to have several content rich websites. That is a lot of work. It can be done but, like anything else, it is not cheap. You would have to commit to each website you build and build content around that topic then market it.

My recommendation to my clients is to make sure you build your brand and your core website rather than try to build many little websites.

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