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    physicians bloggingBlogging is an effective way to market all your products and services. It also helps establish online awareness and brand validity. For the medical spectrum, this can elevate leads and generate revenue for health clinics and private firms. Blogging can even increase physician credibility, while marketing a myriad of health services across vast networks. As blogging continues to soar in global popularity, social media integration is also a key element in building online longevity. From showcasing the latest medical procedures to securing a loyal client base, doctors from all across the globe are utilizing the Internet to advertise services for existing and new patients.

    Marketing Your Website

    With any health-related blog, it is essential to market your website and its services. This includes areas of expertise, such as pediatrics, weight control, disease management, or even basic health care services. Your blog should also entail precise contact information, along with details for emergency services and hours of operation. While each blog differs, certain elements are simply paramount in achieving desired results. This includes your mission statement, which allows readers to access your goals in this challenging and diverse industry. Utilizing back-links, as well as general breakdown of specialized services can captivate potential customers as well. If marketing your site on social media platforms, catchy phrases can capture the true allure and essence of your practice.

    Tweet and Meet

    As an intricate marketing tool, Twitter enables physicians to advertise their medical services to countless users. This helps generate an instant “buzz” about their services, while encouraging users to ask pertinent questions on related services. One of the most common, yet effective ways to relay information is by tweeting. Not only does this help ensure customer patronage, it opens an online portal for networking with colleagues as well. With medical tweeting, however, there are certain elements that should be followed:

    • Tweeting about your particular specialty can connect you to patients that seek your specific abilities.
    • Tweeting about the latest medical advances helps your office maintain a competitive edge in this cutting-edge industry.
    • Tweeting about medical tips for ailments can establish patient trust and a true sense of caring.
    • Tweeting about cost-effective services and discounts can facilitate patient needs within time and budget.
    • Tweeting about your medical expertise helps readers understand your level of experience and dedication.

    Promotional Videos

    No online marketing campaign is complete without promotional videos. From YouTube to Vimeo, videos are designed to effectively promote your office and health services. You can also engage customers by introducing staff, or discussing topics that are featured in your medical blogs. Unlike traditional advertising techniques, promotional videos can cover a range of ideas, thoughts, and perceptions within minutes. Whether it’s promoting a new location, or discussing the finer points of being a doctor, promotional videos are a great medium for building trust, likeability, and personalized services.

    As an industry leader in web design, content creation/blogging, and e-commerce solutions, GlobalSpex can help promote your health services to a range of potential clients and customers. Utilizing strategic marketing plans and SEO enhancement, we have helped countless doctors and medical facilities secure greater online visibility. If you’re a doctor struggling to market your brand and services, let our marketing experts open the door to a wealth of new opportunities.

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