Why Is My Website Content Important to A Website?

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    Plain and simple. Success on the web actually boils down to your content. If your website goals go beyond creating a simple online presence then your content becomes crucial to establish your experience, authority, and trust (EAT).

    Only two to three percent of websites succeed in generating enough traffic to create an income.

    Why? That statistic doesn’t inspire a lot of hope that it’s possible to grow an audience online. 

    Here’s an analogy to help explain: if you have an offline shop, the shop’s primary source of traffic will come from its physical location and visibility. A clothing shop in a busy mall or shopping district can put up an attractive window display with enticing merchandise. In this way, the shop may generate enough traffic to convert it into livable sales. 

    This is not how attracting an audience works online. You don’t get to benefit from a passerby who sees your window and then enters your shop. Most of the time, people on the Internet aren’t even looking directly for you or for your website.

    They are looking for information and solutions.

    That means that your website’s content has the power to hook visitors and pull them deeper into the site. In this way, good content online is just as crucial as an excellent location offline

    Why Is Good Content So Important For Websites?

    1. Good content improves SEO

    High-value content is an effective SEO tool to get your website better rankings. Good content is like a chain reaction– the more quality content you create, the more search engine-friendly your site gets. That improves your chances of pulling potential customers to your site, which means more traffic and better chances of making sales.

    97-98% of websites fail to generate their own traffic. It’s a fatal mistake. You can provide high-value content that your target market is already searching for. 

    2. Good content adds to your credibility

    Never underestimate online users’ intelligence. They usually do basic research before they decide to spend their money. There’s a lot of information on the internet, and it’s all competing for your audience’s attention. Your content needs to be exactly what your target audience is looking for, so they don’t go searching elsewhere for it.

    • Most web surfers only take three to five seconds to look at a website before they stay or move on
    • Your content needs to achieve three things in that timeframe
      • Convey your most important points quickly
      • Establish you as the authority on your subject to win your potential clients’ trust
      • Offer direction and action; tell readers what to do

    3. Good content is easily shareable to social media

    Quality content is the cornerstone of social networking success. Social media has the referral power to promote your website through links. If you consistently develop content that provides good value, you will eventually have high numbers of people linking to it. These links build traffic to your website and improve your search engine rankings.

    4. Good content builds your readers’ trust in you

    Good content is valuable to your readers. It builds their trust in you so that once they’ve read what you have to say, they actually feel compelled to listen to the points you’ve posed. 

    You should create content with this idea in mind:

    • Offer your audience free information; it nurtures your relationship with them
    • Never use misleading titles or content
    • Put out content reliably

    5. Good content keeps your site evergreen as you refresh

    If you’ve heard anything about content marketing, the term “evergreen” has probably passed you by once or twice. Evergreen content is content that’s useful, easy to read, and understandable at any time. This year has taught us that you can’t quite plan for everything, but evergreen content gives you a safe bet you’ll be able to reach an audience in most circumstances. 

    • Evergreen content keeps proving you steady traffic after it’s published
    • Evergreen content is very shareable; it’s more like to be shared through social media

    6. Good content improves your site’s usability

    People don’t like to use sites that don’t work (or barely work). The more usable your website is, the longer people will stay on it after they arrive for certain content. Good content draws people to it again and again; it makes your website a tool and a resource. Your readers should be able to use it to get important things done.

    Easy Tips For Improving Your Website’s Content

    • Use internal links: Your own content gives you a great strategy to send readers towards even more pages on your site; search engine rankings also generally improve when a site has more internal links. Crawlers can index pages better when they’re on display in more places
    • Create compelling calls to action: You should invite users to take a step, complete a form, ask about a product… call them to move towards whatever you’re providing; sometimes it’s as simple as downloading a free PDF and sometimes it’s as serious as booking a multi-thousand dollar consultation
    • Get smart with keyword use: You can’t jam keywords into your content, but you can use them tactfully to help people who are looking for what you’re sharing find it

    Remember: the more useful and genuine your content is, the more likely it is to attract the audience you’re seeking. You can create strong content that will stand the test of time and deliver powerful results without much effort– but you need the right plan. 

    GlobalSpex: Our Team Helps Fix Websites

    Your website’s content is easily the most important aspect. You can use content to establish your site as an authoritative source and continuously attract new readers. Many websites reap the rewards of great content for years after they initially put in the effort to create it. 

    GlobalSpex supports clients in creating strong content that grows readership and improves profitability. If you want to improve your website and strengthen your content, GlobalSpex can help. Reach out to our team today to find out more about our services or download our eBook, 8 Things You Can Fix On Your Website Now.

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