Why Your Content is Crucial for Your Website

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    Only 2%- 3% of websites succeed in generating enough traffic and income. Why? The main reason boils down to content. Depending on your website goals (some just want need an online presence), content is crucial to success.

    Here’s an analogy to explain this. If you have an offline shop, its primary source of traffic will be its location and visibility. For example, you have a clothing shop in a busy shopping district or a mall. By putting up an attractive window display and merchandise, you can generate enough traffic converting that to sales.

    This is not the case online. You don’t benefit from passersby who see your window then enter your shop. Most of the time, people on the Internet don’t directly look for you or your website. Instead they look for information or solutions. In other words, it’s your website’s content that has the power to hook visitors into your site. So having good content online is as crucial as having a good location offline.

    Search Engine Optimization

    To avoid the fatal mistake made by 97%- 98% of websites, you must generate your own traffic. How? By providing high value content search for by your target market. High value content is an effective SEO tool to get your website better rankings. It’s like a chain reaction. The more quality content you turn in, the more search engine-friendly your site gets, the more chances of pulling in potential customers to  your site, which translates to more traffic and better chances of making sales.

    Build Your Credibility

    Do not underestimate the intelligence of online users. They often want to do basic research first before deciding to buy. Remember that there is a ton of information out there competing for the online consumer’s attention, so your content must be exactly what they are looking for. Internet surfers usually just take about 3-5 seconds to look at a website before deciding whether to stay, come back or move on to another site. Within that short time-frame, your content should:

    • Be laid out to convey your most important points quickly
    • Establish you as the authority on the subject to win your potential clients trust.
    • Give them direction and action. Tell them what to do.

    Social Media

    Quality content is the cornerstone of social networking success. Social media has the referral power to promote your website through links. If you consistently develop content that provide good value, you will soon get people linking to it. These links build traffic to your website and also improves your search engine ranking.

    • You want people to visit and come back to it again and again.
    • You want it to convert visitors to sales and fetch you substantial income, just like your best sales person.
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