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    “Should we create a blog or a website?” Considering how blogs are heralded for pulling in traffic and sales, it is a question to consider. After all, blogs are cheaper and a lot easier to build than websites, so why not?

    But wait… Before dumping conventional websites, let’s first analyze if a blog is really what’s best for you. Here are a few things about a blog that you should know:

    1. Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

    Instead of traffic or comments, measure your company blog’s success by the long-term impact it has on your search engine rankings, by its contribution to brand recognition and to building your name in your space, and by the number of qualified, high-quality leads it brings you.

    2. Demands Regular Updates

    Search engines love pages that are regularly updated. That’s why the most successful blogs post quality content on a weekly basis, some even several times a week. Before leaping to a setting-up a blog, ask yourself this. Will you be able to create relevant and engaging content for your blog? Either you or someone you hire. Does it need to be daily? No. Does it need to be weekly? Maybe. Does it need to be monthly? At minimum.

    3. Takes Time to Build Up Readership and Traffic

    Setting up a blog doesn’t guarantee you automatic readership. Most top-visited blogs have taken years to build up their status. But you shouldn’t worry too much about traffic, as it is not an indicator of a website’s success. “Lots of traffic” is only important if your revenue model is ad-based, which is a difficult model, to begin with, and requires huge amounts of traffic to make real money.

    4. Requires Work.

    There’s more to blogging than just writing quality posts daily. Even if you hire someone to help your blog, you’ll need to research your industry and keep in touch with your readers. You’ll have to find ways to bring new readers through social networking, email marketing, SEO, or other types of marketing strategies. You will have to moderate comments (legitimate and spam).

    5. Needs a Strategy

    One of the main benefits of a blog compared to a static website is its viral power to give your business a voice. Think about what your customers and prospects need. Every post should be aimed at something you believe will be helpful to your community.

    6. You Can Target Your Keywords

    You can include your primary keywords wisely into your blog post and you can naturally position yourself better in search engines for these keywords.  Search engines hate spamming, so the only way you could get Google to notice your business site is to have a keyword-rich page that is both informative and natural.

    7. Have a conversation and interact with your customers.

    In the old days, web sites served as online brochures.  With blogs, you can start a conversation with your customers.  You can share with them your expertise in a very conversational manner and even ask them for their opinion about certain things.

    8. Create or reinforce your personal brand.

    One great benefit of having a blog is that it helps you develop your company or personal brand.  Consistent blogging allows you to have a voice and people will see your vision, your intention, and your genuineness.

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