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What should I put on my website homepage?

With the many different portals and platforms that people access a website, I often wonder if there really is a homepage anymore. We tend to access websites through various channels and land on various interior websites.

My philosophy? Every page should be treated like a homepage.

Unlike a home’s entrance, which we as digital marketers like to use as an analogy, a website has multiple points of entry.

But what information do you need to add to your website’s homepage?

Where people land depends on your internet marketing campaigns and funnels. If you are performing any Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, you are most likely sending people to specific landing pages based on the user’s search.

If you have a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, Google indexes more than your homepage so, again, depending on a person’s search, they might end up on that phrase related to that search. For example, if I search ‘Houston Emergency Plumbing’ I don’t expect to be sent to a homepage with general information. I expect to find specific details on what to do, who to call, and any next steps.

But, from a traditional sense, your homepage is still the front door to your company. It is still the most visited web page but a number of people landing on your homepage can range widely from 10% to 60%. Again, depending on your current internet marketing campaigns.

So what should you include on your homepage?

Short answer? It depends… I know. Don’t you hate that?

When wondering what to put on the homepage, ask yourself these 4 important questions. Click To Tweet

#1. Branding is important.
When users arrive at your website, people need to be assured that they have arrived at the right place. Then the message should be consistent and up-front. Be very, very clear who you are and what you do. Build trust and rapport the second your visitors hit your website.

#2. What is the most important goal for your company?
As you look at your homepage, be sure that your company’s primary goals are front and center.

Here are some examples:

  • Do you need build your brand or authority?
  • Are you wanting to draw attention to a new service or product?
  • Is it direct sales to a specific product?
  • Are you needing to increase your leads by a specific percentage?
  • Does the business need to improve customer retention?
  • Are you hoping to educate your users?
  • Are you working to work on building a relationship with your customers email newsletters?
  • Is there an event that you are promoting in the next few months?

Once you understand the larger business goals, start to outline them and drill down to smaller action items. What needs to happen to accomplish these goals?

#3. What is most important to your customers?
Consider that your visitors have arrived because of a problem. Your job and the reason your company exists is solve those problems. If I come to your website, how will I know you are the right person for my specific problem? How will you show me?

Your brand and your website goals should align with this specific purpose.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Understand your lead and sales funnel or rather what is the decision making process that they your users undertake before they call you or hire you?
  • Do you find that they need time to research your company to gain some trust? So maybe send them to your case studies or reviews.
  • Is there some confusion about your services in the marketplace that you could help them make a decision.
  • Are you users a little wary and untrusting? How can you win them over? Will testimonials help? Are accreditation important? Will videos of you and your team help them trust you?

4. What should be your user’s next steps?
Based on the items in section #2 above, what do you need your customers to do to accomplish these goals? Then combine that with #3, your priorities.

Prioritize them as you go from top to bottom. First priority might be a phone call to schedule an appointment, then maybe your case studies or reviews.  If you need to focus on a new services, maybe an entire row of content with a photo and a button to ‘Buy Now.’

I know for many customers, a very clear ‘Start Here’ button is helpful for those businesses that might have a complicated sales process. Give them simple steps like Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.

Remember, your website is always evolving. What you have now should reflect current goals. In 3 or 6 months, do those warrant updates to the homepage?

This is why your website is never be finished. As your business needs change, your website should reflect that. Click To Tweet

Then again, each of these can apply to your landing pages. Speak directly to your customers and what needs to happen.

Ready to Transform your Homepage?

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