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    Surprisingly, I am getting push back lately on designing websites that scroll. I thought that myth was dead but apparently it is not. If you are curious if a website should scroll, then end your curiosity now.

    It can… and it will. There. Done.

    No? Okay.. let’s keep going then.

    1. Too many screen sizes.

    As web developers, we cannot control the size of a user’s screen. As much as we’d love complete control over our websites and how users experience it, we cannot. If a website does not scroll on a 32″ iMac screen, it will scroll on an Android or iPhone.

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    2. Too many browsers.

    Every user has a different browser, with different settings, different monitor sizes and that doesn’t even touch on mobile users. Each person might have zoom as default or maybe has 2-3 toolbars that will collapse the website. Some like having their sidebar open with bookmarks. Some users have multiple screens and will see your website in all its glory, 100% width, and all!

    3. Too many people.

    Every user will experience a website differently. Some always go straight to the Services or Products page. Some will click the big button on the image at the top of the screen. Some want to find out more about the company while others are there to get a phone number, click it to dial, and leave the website.

    The best way to see how your homepage (or any page) works is to add some heat-mapping to your website and watch people use your website.

    Think about the ultimate journey you want them to take. Entice them in, make them actively want to scroll and read on, and on, and on. Guide them with your excellent content and let them explore your site. Tell a story with your content. — @paddydonnelly.

    Statistics on Scrolling

    Some research was done on this whether to scroll or not to scroll:

    Basically, they all confirm that scrolling is okay and sometimes encouraged.

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    1. Hiilite Houston on January 31, 2018 at 4:03 pm

      “Surprisingly, I am getting pushback lately on designing websites that scroll.”

      That is very surprising. In 2018 I wouldn’t never have thought that to be the case.

      • Christina Hawkins on February 4, 2018 at 7:00 pm

        It came as a shock to me as well. I was asked to remove elements on a homepage from 2 different customers because they though people won’t want to scroll on their website.

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