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    Hey, it’s Christina Hawkins. And this is your care plan report today. I’m going to go over a few things that have been going on with your care plans and how we’re managing your websites.

    There are about four things. Lots of changes have been happening the first is that we’ll talk a little bit about cloud Cloudflare.

    We’re going to be moving a lot of people’s DNS to Cloudflare. I’ll explain a little bit about that then.

    E welcome to our new, right. Okay. Scratch. Scratch that. Start over. Okay. It’s starting over. So there are about five things that I’m going to go through pretty quickly about some changes that have been going on with how we’re managing our client’s websites, including yours.

    So the first thing is CloudFlare, if you haven’t noticed most of every new client that we now onboard, we typically move them to CloudFlare, which is essentially a distributed network service.

    Cloudflare is just easily, basically easily, basically what it is, is a bunch of servers that sit throughout different regions across the world.

    And it acts as a kind of a reverse proxy in front of our web server. So it helps deliver websites faster.

    It helps mitigate DDoS attacks, which can bring whole websites down whole servers down, and it helps distribute a load of images and content as people download it onto their server.

    So it’s also a very helpful tool. If you ever have it department, you can give people access to just your DNS.

    If you’ve got maybe an it who needs to make some changes to your email, if you need to give access to someone to update for your website, if you’ve got subdomains, all of that good stuff, rather than giving somebody an account to your entire domain registration in the past, people would give us as a user account to the GoDaddy or provide us with a login and password.

    Now we’re pretty trustworthy. I’m not going to do anything crazy, but I’ve seen some horror stories in the past. What I like about CloudFlare is that again, I can move the DNS off of a domain registrar like GoDaddy or or Namecheap or some of these other services, get it off of that, put it into Cloudflare, which in addition to the fact that I can parse out who can see and has access to just the DNS and not my entire domain registration account.

    But I can now give access and I can see who has access to the DNS, like it department and like a web developer may be an automation specialist.

    So another reason why we’re, we are slowly moving people to Cloudflare. If you may not even know we have done it.

    But mostly we’ll let you know, cause we have, we need access to your domain, registered to do that.  The second is email transactions.

    So I’m not talking about [email protected] email. I’m talking about the email that comes from your website, using website forms. We personally use gravity forms.

    That’s the sole form that we use, but any notifications that come from your website that you receive into your email application, like your outlook or your Gmail or whatever tool you’re using.

    What we’ve had to do is put some kind of tool between the website and between your email server.

    Right now, what happens is that your email server doesn’t recognize your website as an honest and true email transaction service, because it’s like, Hey, now I’m, I’m responsible for this domain because I’m on this IP address.

    How can I be getting emails from another IP address? Because we’ve split your email from your websites, your emails over here going, I can’t take you. I don’t know you, you must be either spam or I block you. So what we do is we put an email transaction service in the middle, and we used to use all different types of tools, but over time, these tools have gotten overwhelmed. 

    And so they started billing. They were free at first, but now they all are $10 20. And so we’ve had to slowly pull back.

    We found a tool called postmark and postmark we pay for, so we pay a nominal fee every month. So again, with, with care plans, sometimes the reason why, you know, it could be a hundred, $200 a month. It’s not just because you are hosting, but we’re also ensuring that you’re getting these notifications and making sure we use these tools like Postmark.

    So I take on that cost. I pass a little bit of that onto you at a very nominal fee. But what, what it also helps me do is if we are having trouble. 

    So what also, so what also, in addition to email transactions and allowing these emails to come through, it is ensuring that your form notifications are delivered and we can track it. So if something is blocking it, if we find out that you’re not getting these notifications, this tool allows us to kind of see, okay, at minimum, we know it got to your email service. So if I know that I, that then is on there, it, I can for sure say that either your it department is somehow blocking it, or there’s something wrong with the email side of it.

    If before that point, if I’m getting any errors that are on us and we are, it’s easy for us to kind of see where is that breaking down and we can kind of fix it on our end. So it’s another lovely tool. I just, I like having that.  And in addition, I don’t have to create individual accounts for every single client.

    So now I don’t need to worry if I have access to your Google account. Usually, we would use that to create these other tools. Now we just add you to our service and we are able, it’s just a lot faster for us, and it’s a little easier for us to manage.

    All right. So that’s number two. Number three is we are creating, or I’ve created, I should say we are creating a better system to stay in touch with you.

    So we, you should start seeing regular emails from us, quarterly biannually annually to set up strategy calls. So I just want to make sure that I get a chance to meet with you, either I or my team member has a short discussion on what’s working.

    What’s not working. I find that even though we have an open-door policy of setting up appointments and giving us a call, it’s sometimes taken that initial proactive measure on our part to say, Hey, it’s time, let’s have a talk.

    And usually, you know, it could just be, we just need some pages updated. Sometimes it gets into more about, well I need a little more help with my leads.

    Can you help me improve my reviews? So we have some, I just like it, cause I get a better discussion and I learn more about what’s going on in your business. You should expect to see emails like that before is a this is a tip that I’d like to share with you tool called

    And actually, my brother actually recommended this. So what it is is that it is a temporary credit card number.

    So what it is, is a tool to help you manage your credit cards and anythings that you, anything you’re subscribed to often with our service, people give us their credit card and we at least once or twice a month, somebody’s credit card, doesn’t go through because either they’ve lost the credit card or they have the credit card was stolen or they’ve just basically had to get a new card.

    And so that now they have to run around and, and, and get new credit cards. So what does is it allow you to create individual credit cards.

    They’re virtual credit card numbers for every single service that you subscribed to. Now, the beauty of this is you will get, you have now a location to see one, what store is using, what credit cards. You’ll get notifications. If your credit card is being used first off, back in, you can apply limits. 

    So let’s just say you subscribed to something. It looks really interesting. They tell you it’s $10 a month, right? So you can put a limit of $10 a month on that credit card. And again, that credit card is tied to your bank. So you put a limit of say, all right, let’s do $10 and 50 cents. Just in case there might be a little tax or maybe $11. 

    Now, what happens six months from now when they go Hey, so we’re going to raise this monthly fee and we’re not going to tell you about it.

    So it’s going to be now $15 a month. And this virtual credit card is not going to allow that to happen.

    It’ll just be you, it just won’t happen. Now. Some that could be a good thing or a bad thing. I like to know if my subscriptions are increasing and I want control over that.

    I like having that option and I have so many subscriptions. It makes it a little easier for me to see where who’s charged for what and a third benefit that I like it, so I’ve got a team, my team, and my developers sometimes need a credit card to buy a specific service like the postmark transact, email transactions.

    instead of them having to come to me, or if, maybe if I have to, if I’m just not around right now or so I can’t access the site and give it my credit card and all that stuff. I can create this little credit card and hand that off to my developer and say, here you go, this is the new credit card for that specific service. Now it can only be used at that service. It can only have a hundred dollars a year. So I, not that I don’t trust my team members but who knows.

    And I can say, here you go, here’s a credit card. And they can put that information right into the service.

    I’m pretty confident that it can’t be used anywhere else. It can’t go beyond the threshold that I’ve given it.

    And it I think it’s helping me visually see where my memberships are, but control how much, how much money is being spent.

    And anyway, it’s a great tool.

    The fifth thing that I want to let you guys know about is I have a writer now, her name’s Nicole. She’s amazing. And so if you guys are stuck on writing blogs, or you need a new landing page, you don’t know what to say.

    I do have a writer. Now, talk to me if you have any she’s wonderful. She’s here in the states and she’s got all kinds of education.

    She’s a very good writer. She will call you. She will contact you and ask you questions before she writes anything. So a lovely, lovely person, and really excited to have her on board. She’s helping me write content for our website and as well as for our clients. So I just wanted to shout out to Nicole.

    And the sixth thing is we have a new assistant. Her name is Aura, and she’s amazing. She’s been helping me do a lot of the tasks that I should not be doing. So every time I’m in there, I’m writing something. I’m able to hand that off to her. I realized I really shouldn’t be doing this, this isn’t my job. I’m the CEO of my company.

    This is the, I need to hand this off to somebody. Who’s probably better at it than I am, and probably faster, so happy to have Aura on board, really excited.

    And that is it. I just want to give you all a heads up on what’s happening. So Cloudflare, if you haven’t seen us move your service over you might expect in the next few months from that postmark email transactions, we’re slowly migrating everyone to that.

    And regular emails about some strategy sessions depending on the care plan you have email. So that’s it, guys. 

    Thanks so much.

    And let me know if you have any questions in the comments or just email me directly love to hear from you.

    Website Maintenance Update Nov 2021

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