Why Your Website Is Your Bottom Line

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    Your website makes a significant impact on your business. Unfortunately, most of the time, we go with the mindset: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    But the question is, why do you treat your website as a cost? Your website should be your bottom line.

    Since the time you launched that website, many new technologies and tools have been developed. Using your old website to only inform customers about your products or, as many of clients have said to me, “I only need it so that people know I exist,” you are leaving money at the door.

    Okay, figuratively the homepage is your door, but you understand.

    To show you just how important your website is for your business, we have rounded up why your website should be treated as an investment and not a cost:

    What Does a Website Do for You?

    Improved Reach

    Your website becomes your tool of getting past yourself and reaching others 24/7. It becomes a way for you to work at all hours and represents you and your company in its best light. With imagery and articles, you can establish yourself faster and easier than you could one-on-one.

    If there are several sites linking back to you, it’s like word-of-mouth spreading. If your website has compelling content, more people will link to your website.

    Improved Online Advertising

    With today’s advanced online advertising, your website is the landing page. It is the destination after a user clicks. And with the right layout, message, photography, it can make or break your advertising costs. Google considers your website when determining the quality of your ads, and hence, your bid per click. Not spending the right amount of time on your website can turn into a cost.

    Improved Target Marketing

    You speak directly to your target market using your website. Treating it like an investment will give you the necessary step to spend some time refining your message. For me, I probably spend 1-2 hours per week on my website. I add, edit, remove, change photos, rearrange paragraphs, and then go back and do it again. It’s my biggest tool to reach my target market.

    With the help of your website, you can advertise your product or service in a limited amount of time. There are many ways in which you can advertise your products via internet. And while your website is being built, keep in mind the latest trends and get advice from a credible SEO provider. This way, your website can quickly climb towards the top in search results.

    Broader Reach

    Your investment can go outside your own local borders. You can expand and reach people who might not have heard of you in the past. A 10-mile radius versus a 20-mile radius can mean the difference between growth and spectacular growth. With the right kind of key phrases and search engine optimization (SEO), your website can be your loudspeaker to other cities.

    For some, SEO, Pay-Per-Click, and social media means you can cross oceans. But that means your website will need to be ready to address those global needs.

    A broader reach, means a broader message.

    A 24/7 Sales Representative

    How much of an investment is it to install a phone system with multiple options depending on the question? What about your website being a part of that answer service?

    Can your website answer those frequently asked questions? I know my FAQ is part of my email marketing. I send clients to specific pages when they ask questions that require a much long discussion.

    It’s a tool to gather customer information when they subscribe or fill out my estimate request.

    Gain Valuable User Data

    It’s a statistical tool that is crucial to your marketing strategy and goals. For instance, you can collect information over how, where, and who visited your website. With weekly or monthly reviews, you can get some valuable information on when to post your sales or what they are specifically looking for.

    You can even get information about how many prospects are clicking to know about a certain product on your website and just how many are abandoning just before they reach the shopping cart. Did you know as many as 67% of sales are never made because of shopping cart abandonment? That’s a huge figure and you can make small changes to your website to curtail this.

    A 24/7 Knowledgebase

    For me, I have made my website become my database of knowledge. Years and years of lessons learned, my journals, my portfolio, an advanced network for managing clients, a repository of work guidelines that I felt that others could use as well as my team (https://globalspex.com/logo-dimensions/)

    What Can You Do for Your Website?

    There are so many resources out there that talk about the best methods of building and designing your website. Here are a few that we’ve done:

    Upgrade Your Landing Page

    Your landing page should be the path to double up your sales. Instead of filling it with the descriptions of your product or service, design it in a way that it generates maximum conversions. To do this, you need to go beyond adding compelling content. Apply these four ways to improve your landing page.

    Never Get Into Web Design Mistakes

    What if your images don’t load quickly? You may think that your website visitors would wait till the images appear. But that’s a myth! That’s because 39% of users will leave a website if images take a lot of time to load. There are more web design myths than you can imagine!

    Increase Your Website Traffic

    Perhaps, you have created a website but haven’t given it another look since then. If that’s true, it’s natural not to see any visitors on your website. But what exactly is wrong with your website? Here are 11 reasons why your website repels visitors and some great recommendations to increase traffic to your website.

    De-clutter Your Homepage

    Is your homepage stuffed with everything from boring videos and unnecessary stock photos to cluttered content? Here are 6 website features to trash from your homepage and what to do instead.

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