Web Design Rocks… Merry Christmas!

For BNI, we had to come with a Christmas tune that described our work. This was mine.

(To the the tune of Jingle Bell Rock)

Web design, web design, web design rocks
Graphics can pop which work ’round the clock
Coding and styling is bushels of fun
Now the social hop has begun.

Web design, web design, web design rocks
Keywords are prime which help you to climb
Tweeting and posting in social networks
in the dot com lair

What a right time it’s the high time
to surf the night away.
A Facebook wall sign and a call sign
will bring visitors around your way

Oh…Internet searching will pick up your sales
Blogging can up your stock
Mix in a little of pay per click ads

That’s the web design,
That’s a redesign
That’s the internet rock!

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Christina Hawkins

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