How I use Zapier

zapier logoI am a big proponent of any tool or piece of technology that helps me run my business a little smoother. Even better if it can help me keep up with the prospects and clients and deliver a better service.

So about a year ago I discovered a neat little tool called Zapier. If you are not familiar with it, you should be. Think of Zapier like a connector. It connects your online tools together and can automate those little tasks that can drive you bonkers.

Say, as an example, you use Salesforce or Zoho. Then, maybe you use Evernote or Microsoft Notes. Now, every time someone completes an online form that came from Salesforce, it can automatically create an Evernote Note, add a tag, and create an event.

When someone completes my estimate form, it gets added to my Evernote and creates a due date, then the name and email are added to my Customer Relationship Manger (CRM).

When we create a new Basecamp project, Zapier adds a new folder in my Dropbox with that project’s name.

I’ve used it for WuFoo forms, Contactually, Exchange, Dropbox, Google Calendar and more.

What are some ways you would like to use it?

Christina Hawkins

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