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    WordPress has come out with a new upgrade they are calling ‘Oscar.’ As this is full jump in the numbers, this is more than a security update. Now, I don’t like to bore you with tech details about improvements to short code attributes, post formats, and embed support. So I am going to summarize the bigger and helpful changes in features that might interest the WordPress user.

    I will probably upgrade all of my client’s WordPress websites within the next week will you upgrade yours?

    Autosaving.  I am sure many of you have been a little frustrated when your computer locks up or your come back after writing a lengthy blog only to see the Login page. WordPress 3.6 has changed this so that any editing that you will do will get saved every 15 minutes so you don’t lose your work.

    Post Locking. Maybe you’ve realized that your partner or co-worker has been on the same page editing and your changes are gone.  Now WordPress will lock the page or posts that is currently being edited so that another person can’t start editing the same post at the same time.

    Revamped Revisions. A while back WordPress provided backup revisions to your posts, but they were cumbersome to work with. WordPress has given you a more robust revision editing by allowing you to scroll back and forth in time to see exactly what was changed, deleted, or added, and pick the right excerpts.


    Click the ‘Browse’ to see revisions.


    You can scroll through each revision.

    Built-in HTML5 media player. With the future of video always growing, the programmers at WordPress realized a great need to make adding video easier. If you are like me, I tend to just utilize services like YouTube or Vimeo but with this new feature, it basically means that your WordPress website will embed videos easier. Simply paste the path to the mp3 file for example in the WYSIWYG editor and it will turn into a nice player on your front page. I still might recommend using these free services to help with bandwidth if you are working a series of videos and have many visitors.

    Post Formats. Post Formats are a new feature in WordPress 3.6 that lets you choose unique layout and design templates for specific types of blog posts, such as images, videos, quotes, and regular articles, among others. For the GlobalSpex website redesign, I will be using this tool to help distinguish different areas of each web page.

    Menu Editor. When WordPress came out with a way for administrators to edit each menu type it was revolutionary. It helped it make the leap to a true content management system. In this version, the Optional Menu items are moved to below the menu list itself. For smaller websites with one or two menu locations, it’s not a big deal. For larger sites with extended features this new design will make the menu page easier to navigate with less scrolling. Then they separated the menu locations to help make a clear distinction between menus and theme position like Main or Footer or Top.


    Get Back After an Expired Session. If you walk away and you find your site has logged you out, logging back in will take you back to where you  left off. This saves so much time trying to get back to where you left off.

    So I am excited to see these changes. It shows great growth for WordPress moving more and more toward a solid content management tool.

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