Understanding How We Invoice For Care Plans

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    Let’s talk invoicing. In this video, I go through some of our frequently asked questions about how we invoice you if you are on a care plan.

    How We Invoice

    1. First, we put you on a subscription within our own WooCommerce store. This is tied to our Stripe merchant account.
      1. You have complete access to this store and can update your credit card information when the need arises.
    2. Second, you get a receipt from this store that outlines each monthly service.
    3. Third. Each care plan package comes with a set amount of website maintenance. This could be 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 3 hours.
      1. If you go beyond your allotted time, we do our best to let you know. If it’s within 15 minutes, we usually let it go.
      2. We bill in 30 minute increments.

    What You Are Invoiced For?

    (See FAQs) – Care Plan FAQ

    If you are on our Tech, Executive plans, major design changes or large web feature changes are not covered under the Care Plans. If you want large-scale changes to your site, please contact me at [email protected], and we can discuss your requirements.

    Some specific examples:

    Google Search Console: If there is an error from Google Search Console, you can forward this to us. We’ll do our best to check if it is something we can fix in under 5 minutes. Usually, these errors are temporary if it is a major search engine optimization issue that falls outside the care plan purview.

    SEO: If you are not part of our SEO Package, we cannot be responsible for how your website performs organically on Search Engines. SEO is a complicated process and requires regular content, research, and analysis. If you are interested in growing your reach organically, please visit our SEO page.

    Broken Links: Within your monthly report will include a broken links report. If they are internal links that are broken, we will fix them. If they are external, you will need to provide the correct link, but we will fix it as part of your care plan. This does not apply to Host-Only packages.

    If you are on a Host-Only plans, any updates or changes will render an invoice.

    If you are on a Chairman’s plan, much of what we explain above are included.


    1. We will invoice per month rather than invoicing as a single invoice. In the past, we might send an invoice that has 2 months worth of work. From now on, we’ll invoice per month for that prior month to keep track.
    2. If a single ticket expands 2 months, say July and August, you’ll still be billed separately. We will take the time for July and send a July invoice. Then send another invoice for August.
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