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What is an app? Well, in In January 2011, the American Dialect Society named “app” the word of the year for 2010.  That action alone says a lot.

An app is just a shortened by specific piece of software or application. It usually is fine-tuned for a specific purpose like note taking, photo editing, or task. It also refers to software that you access and use while online, via a browser, instead of software residing on your computer (such as Microsoft Word).


SquareUpAccept credit card payments anywhere with your iPhone, Android or iPad. Download the free Square app to get started.

There are MANY other financial organizations that are offering the same type of Credit Card acceptance like Intuit and PayPal.


Dropbox. This app is one app that is indispensable for my company. It allows me to access ALL of my files remotely and will sync my files on all platforms (Windows desktop, Mac laptop, iPhone, iPad). I can share a folder with another Dropbox user so we don’t have to upload and download or email larger files.


QuickOffice Pro.  Access, create, edit, and share Microsoft® Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. integrated access to remote services like Huddle, SugarSync, MobileMe, Dropbox, Google® Docs and


Evernote. Another indispensable app. Evernote allows me to take quick notes through voice, text, screenshots, photos then categorize them in notebooks, tags (keywords). I can then search for a note later. I have over 1700 notes in Evernote and don’t lose a thing. I use it for jotting ideas for blog posts, ideas for designs, and receipts that are tagged by year.


Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM for iPhone offers mobile access to your customer information available on the web at Zoho CRM offers you a complete customer relationship life-cycle management software for managing Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and Inventory activities in a single system.


CardMunch. Heading to your next networking function? This little app will scan each card and will upload it so that humans can manually enter the data in a readable format. It is owned by LinkedIn and will see if that person has a linked in account for you to connect instantly.

Facebook Pages. Manage your Facebook page using this app. Essential if you are uploading tips, photos of an event, or status.


Shopper: keep track of all of your daily shopping lists like the grocery store, Home depot, Target.

Run Keeper: Track your runs, walks, bike rides, hikes, and more using the GPS in your iPhone.

Pandora: The best of radio but organized by song type. The free version will include ads, Premium will let you skip songs endlessly and not listen to ads. “Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a custom “station” that plays similar music.”

SoundHound: Can’t remember that song or you hear something on the radio. This will find that song by listening to it and offer options to purchase it from Amazon or iTunes.

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