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Ugly Websites Work

Okay, as a web designer it goes beyond my comprehension but sometimes ugly website actually work. If you take a look at eBay, it’s not a very pretty site, or, the most obvious like Amazon. They are not “pretty” sites. In fact, I would say they are too busy and unfocused but they are functional…

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Our Office Hours

The hours that we have posted are not the typical 9-5, Monday – Friday. But, rest assured, we are working! These are our hours that we keep open to discuss your website needs and have face-to-face meetings. It helps us focus on getting work done. But… it’s not to say that we are not flexible.…

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Website Redesign

We finally redesigned our beleaguered website. It was necessary and past due. After several mockups and design changes, focus and direction changes, and framework, the website went live on Friday.

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