How To Write Great B2B Website Content [List]

How Write Website Content

Writing content for a B2B website is about much more than playing to SEO and search rankings. While those things are essential to achieving exposure and sales, they won’t help you much if your website is full of junk content. Writing that’s difficult to read, unbacked statistics, and poor layouts can all send a potential…

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Top 7 Ways Your Oil & Gas Website is Not Working For You

oil and gas digital marketing

It’s not a surprise after meeting with an oil and gas executive or engineer, that they like to remind me that their oil and gas website design is only meant to showcase their work. They believe that their website only serves as a means to show-off their projects or to legitimize their business. They don’t…

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How to Use Photos In Your Website

8 types of images for your website

[Updated September 1, 2021)] Over the years, web design and social media have increasingly become visual mediums. In the beginning, as web developers and web designers, we were limited to text that we would try to manipulate to resemble an image. When we found we could include pictures, we rejoiced. Then we went a little…

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