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As internet usage grows, does your website meet the needs?

It amazes me but it shouldn’t. The internet continues to grow by leaps and bounds and I don’t mean just by shear numbers. 73% of all American adults are on the internet now. ( Many of these online adults are expressing how important it is for them to be connected. How the “internet has greatly…

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Get your site listed quickly with Google

Some rules to get your website listed. Note: these are not steps to get listed the top 10 search results. Your website should be complete with no broken links, unique content, and keyword optimized. Include a sitemap formatted with an XML extension and add to your webserver. Add your site using the Google Sitemaps tools.…

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Growth for Online Advertising

There are conflicting predictions on how SEM spending will grow. According to JP Morgan, they predict that growth in US paid search ad revenue (currently the largest segment of US online ad spending) would fall to 31.9% in 2008, down from 36.8% in 2007. Unlike JP Morgan, eMarketer expects growth in US online ad spending…

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