Social Networking: Are You Everywhere But Getting Nowhere?

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    Yes, with all the buzz about social networking, it’s so easy to get swept off your feet and carried away by the multitude of social media sites out there. So you’re in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tagged, Partner Up, Qapacity, Ryze, etc. You name it, you’re in it. After all, registration is free so why hold back? Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of being a part of networks with millions of users? The more networks you join, the better your chances of making more money, right?

    But after pouring in a lot of your time and effort into social networking, it just doesn’t seem to be paying off. Although you’re everywhere, it seems like it’s getting you nowhere. You are so frustrated and wonder whether social media is really worth it.

    The truth is social networking is not like lottery. The principle of “the more lottery tickets you have, the greater chances of winning” doesn’t apply. The way to approach social networking is like the way you would plan for your business strategies -by identifying goals and focusing.

    Identifying Goals

    Before you even jump in, clearly define your goals for social networking. One of the reasons why people think they’re going nowhere social networking is because they have failed to establish specifically what they want out of it.

    Many business owners get turned off by it because they base its measure of success solely on traffic generation and link building. However, social networking provides many other perks that cannot be easily quantified. Some other examples of goals are:

    • Improve customer relationships that can lead to repeat business or generation of new business
    • Get feedback from clients about your products or services
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Find reliable contractors and employees
    • Know the likes and dislikes of your target market
    • Find out about your competitors and what they are doing
    • Build up credibility in your field of business
    • Learn useful strategies that you can apply to your business

    Focus Your Efforts

    There are only 24 hours in a day so you can’t possibly be everywhere without spreading yourself too thin. For your social networking to actually make an impact, it ‘s better to focus on just 2 or 3 social network sites and become a real expert at them, than just scratching the surface of several.

    Once you have chosen the best 2 or 3 sites, incorporate social networking into your system and consistently devote time to them. To succeed at it, remember that social networking is a long term strategy that requires long term commitment.

    Manage Your Social Networks

    To help you manage social networks, consider HootSuite. It is free for the first 5 networks that you add. You can add your Facebook personal page, Facebook Fan page, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts then send choose where you send your messages. As you browse websites you can click the toolbar shortcut and share the website with your Twitter followers and Facebook fans. You can even schedule your messages. For example, send a weekly quote and schedule for the next year. I highly recommend a tool like this for your social networking.

    Please visit and download Hootsuite.

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