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    SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a term used to describe the overall skill or service of being found on the internet. It is making your website seen to your potential customers by showing up on search engines when they search for information, products or services related to your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for example, is one way of doing SEM and another is Pay-Per-Click.
    There is so much information on SEM these days it’s hard to tell the myths from the facts. For your SEM efforts to be effective, it’s vital to know truth from myths.
    Truth or myth?

    • “The more traffic I get to my website, the higher my search engine ranking will get”– Myth!

    The truth is getting traffic to you website is a good thing, especially if those traffic are from visitors with genuine interest in what you are offering. However, traffic does not affect your search engine ranking. Actually, it’s the other way around. The higher your search engine ranking, the better your chances are of getting targeted traffic to your site.

    • “All links to my site will help me” – Myth!

    The truth is getting good quality links to your website makes a big difference in improving your ranking with the search engines. And the operative words here are “good quality”. Search engine algorithms can tell which sites are high quality and which are not. The best way to get good results is by providing good content on your site that will promote legitimate links into it.

    • A good-looking, eye-catching and well designed website is enough to drive visitors into my site – Myth!

    Google, Yahoo or MSN won’t even detect a pretty site from an ugly one. While a good-looking site is vital to create a good image for your business, search engine index text or content but not design or graphics. Whether to have a pretty site or plain one depends on your goals and that is the subject of a different post.

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