Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design

Make sure you have a mobile-friendly version of your website.

DO YOU KNOW by the end of 2013 more internet traffic (internet traffic refers to website browsing, email, video streaming, etc.) will come from mobile phones than desktop computers.

DO YOU KNOW over 20+% OF ALL US WEBSITE traffic now comes from mobile phones THAT’S One in Five of all website visitors? Not having a mobile-friendly website is like closing down your business one day a week.

DO YOU KNOW according to Google 61% of smartphone users call a business after searching and 59% visit the location.

Internet Usage is Soaring Across a Wide Variety of Screen Resolutions

It is a great day to be a consumer as devices continue to sprout up to feed the needs of the everyday internet user. In the old days, people accessed the web through a desktop computer. Then we had laptops, then netbooks, then smartphones, then ebook Readers, then tablets, and so forth. As a website owner, on the one hand, this is all good news, because constant connectivity will result in more opportunities to get your website in front of potential customers.

However, on the other hand, constant connectivity creates headaches because all of these new devices come in a wide variety of screen resolutions. And with each new screen resolution will come a new experience that website owners may be receiving potential customers on.

User Experience is factored into Search Engine Rankings

Google Panda first rolled out in February of 2011 and the world of search engine optimization would never be the same again. The goal of Panda was to improve the ranking of high-quality websites in Google while diminishing the rankings of low-quality sites.

One clear takeaway from Panda has been that sites with good user experience metrics, such as low bounce rate, solid time on site, high returning visits, consistent branded search traffic, and low exit rate percentage – have generally performed well in Panda. Google Panda wants Google’s results to be the most beneficial to its users. Google can satisfy its users by improving the ranking of websites that perform well on a specific device for Google users that are on that specific device.

Endorsed By Google

Among other things, when talking about Responsive Web Design, Google said: “This is Google’s recommended configuration.”