Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC Management

Don’t just generate traffic; generate leads with our PPC Management Services. With PPC or pay-per-click advertising, we can quantify the metrics that matter and use those metrics to drive your success.

One of the major benefits of PPC is that it has an immediate return on investment. Unlike SEO, which will take at least 3 months to begin taking effect, PPC can be launched as soon as the site is complete or as soon as the campaign can begin.  We tell Google how much we are willing to pay for a key phrase and where we want to be listed, create ads, and follow-up with landing pages.

But we work with you on deriving your budget and may even refer you elsewhere if we find that you would get better results.

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What do you get with GlobalSpex PPC Management Services?

Efficient Campaign Management

We do in 20-minutes what they do in hours. Work smarter, not harder.

Ad Copy Creation & Testing

Experienced digital marketing strategies with professional copywriting generates results.

Competitor Analysis & Research

Learn from the rest. Put it to the test and become the best.

Pay Only For Relevant Traffic

Pay for target ads limited by geography, days of the week, keywords, demographics, time-of-day and more.

Sale, Lead and Call Tracking

Using event tracking to measure your success.

Display For Reach

Display ads can provide a broader reach and appear on websites related to the theme of the keyword.

Landing Pages On Your Website

We don't believe in building landing pages that are no on your website. We build on your own live website to help build authority.

Branded Campaigns

Take advantage of existing demand for your products and services through branded campaigns where we use your own keyphrases and competition.

Simplified Reporting

Maximize automated reporting. Minimize manual reporting. Slay analysis paralysis.

What type of PPC Ads do you support?

Google Search Ads

Gets you in front of your target customer on the Google Search Network.

Google Local Search Ads

Get highly target with local market placement on and Google Maps.

Google Remarketing Ads

Ads to stay top of mind with visitors who have already interacted with your website.

Is PPC right for me?

For many construction and energy businesses, PPC is a great fit. However, it's not for everyone. That's why we always want to visit with you first for a free, no-pressure consultation.

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