Devine Consulting

The Struggle

As a local Sugar Land, TX bookkeeping and CPA company, Devine was struggling with getting more traffic to their website using organic traffic. The second issue was to do that they needed to be able to make quick, easy changes without waiting for a web designer to put them in their queue. For search engine optimization (SEO), they were dong well with a few keywords but to really make a difference the website needed substantially better keywords that represented a wider search and intent to buy.

The Solution

To help improve their ability to update the website, we put them on the WordPress platform which allows them to make changes on the fly but to also improve their blogging process. The second goal was to improve traffic. Five month later, traffic has increased 1,468% and we are seeing a dramatic improvement in keyword organic rankings without a specific SEO campaign.


The Results


Traffic Increase in 90 days.


High performing keyword listing added to Google organically


Increase in length of time on website

bookkeeping website design
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