Built By Turnkey

The Struggle

Turnkey is a highly specialized contractor for Commercial and Residential Construction.  As Built By Turnkey grew, the need for a more flexible website solution and one that represented their brand the best became apparent. The old website did not show off the many types of residential and commercial construction in the best light. In addition, the company needed to improve its on-site SEO to capture a unique market looking for barndominiums in the north Texas area.

The Solution

Crisp, clear photography helped demonstrate their unique qualifications quickly. There is no question who they are and what they do. To improve SEO we added structured data and schema. Using markup, local businesses like Turnkey can clarify what their business is about, what they sell, and how to contact them. These get picked up by the search engines. Done right, Google will pull those events specifically and show for local queries for things like 'contractor near me.'

Strategic Partner

We worked jointly with MyOnlineToolbox. They have helped over hundreds of small construction and remodeling oriented businesses and have created the perfect marketing series to guide anyone through education, strategy and website development in order to position to obtain targeted leads over a long period of time.

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