Outlook Email – Leaving a Copy on the Server

This how-to are for those using POP3 accounts on their computers.

If you find that your emails are not working, one setting you might check is whether your Outlooks is set so that emails are saved on the email server. If they are being saved on the server, you may go past your email quota.

Client email programs such as Microsoft Outlook will remove your email messages from the mail server once the client program downloads them, and they are no longer accessible via web mail, but only on the local computer where Outlook is installed.

We’ll try to assist you in setting up Microsoft Outlook to remove the emails from the server after a certain number of days.

In Outlook, open Tools | Email Accounts.

outlook email accounts

Select ‘View or change existing email accounts.”
select outlook pop3 account

Now select the account you want to edit and click the ‘Change’ button.
select POP3 account

From this window, click the ‘More Settings…” button.

Outlook Account settings

Now click the Advanced tab.
Check advanced

At the bottom of the Advanced window, select ‘Remove from server after XX days’ and add the number of days you’d like to keep a copy on the server.
select number of days

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