OnBoarding Emails and the 7 Types of Emails Your Clients Need From You.

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    7 Types of OnBoarding EmailsDo you find yourself wondering where to start after a new client says yes to your service or product?

    The concept of a series of emails that are sent throughout a client’s lifecycle was new to me. You get excited when a client agrees to work you, then a bit of panic when you realize you have start working.

    Email marketing to gather new clients or to sell to current ones works, but the concept many, including myself, might be missing was selling to my new clients the service or product they just bought. Eureka!

    Many of you already known this but as someone that has grown her business from scratch, these are great, little gems that can help jump start things and really clarify other parts of the business. As mentioned in my earlier post about what I learned in 2014, communication and documentations were big goals for me.

    So how do you generate your own OnBoarding Emails?

    You start with the basics and maybe the frequently asked questions. These are the typical questions clients have when they are first setup in your system. Then it is just a matter of keeping track of them (I use Google Docs so my team has access) and creating additional resources (checklists, videos, slideshows, etc) to help further explain each step.

    Wondering what kind of emails you can generate? Here are some ideas to help you get started:

    1. What are the typical and frequently asked questions or issues that each new client has? Have you found that there are certain questions that always come up with each new client? These can be addressed with a series of emails that can help clients feel that you understand what they need.

    2. Are there certain expectations that your new clients need to understand? If you have a consulting or service-based business there might be some agendas or clear expectations that need to be addressed before you begin. How many meetings can they expect? How many phone calls will you have with them? Do you require certain information before you begin?

    3. Have they had problems getting to the next step in your process? I have experienced this frustration myself with service-oriented businesses. My kids are in various after-school activities. When I first sign-up, sometimes I don’t know where or how I should begin. The best organized were the ones that sent me emails that talk about what I should bring to their first class, another email might be payment steps.

    4. Do they seem frustrated with a certain step? Do you find that certain steps cause confusion. You can address these with an email that delves further into this issue. Maybe a video or screenshots are warranted to explain the details.

    5. Does your system require information from your clients? In my business, we need content from our clients including photos, text, maybe a spreadsheet of products. A couple of our emails discuss this.

    6. Do you blog or videos? If so, you might have some posts that your new client might be interested in reading or viewing that might help them as they progress or get them thinking of the next steps. Maybe you have some nice ‘How-To’ posts that they might need or didn’t know they needed. It can help establish your expertise as well improve sales later on.

    7. Are there big lags between stages? I found that during the design process there were period of maybe weeks where we don’t communicate with the client. They begin to wonder what we are doing. So, in the middle of the process, we’ll end a “We are here” email that removes those fears.

    I like to keep emails like these within a checklist. Each email is sent in a particular order and by client type. But, regardless of how prepared your emails can be, they still might need some personalization before they are sent out.

    I have found that these template emails are always getting tweaked and revised with each client. I’ve gotten some great feedback and have gone back and made changes to help the next client.

    I now have more sets of emails for the delivery and the post-delivery process. My next set are the project follow-ups to make sure that my clients are happy with their purchase long after their website has gone live.

    What kind of on-boarding emails have you prepared for your clients?

    7 Types of OnBoarding Emails

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