My Top 3 Blog Posts in 2015

Wow! 2015 was a busy year. I had promised myself that I’d blog every week or at least post a blog every week. Don’t ask if this happened. Just like all of you… life happened. I had a big move, well big in the sense that our house is bigger but we were only a mile away from our old house. But not sure if moving a mile is easier or harder. Then illness. Then kids. Then.. then.. then.
You get the point.
So I started anew in October by taking my own advice that I give to others and started a long list of ideas for blog posts and just started writing and keeping notes on ideas. More on that later.

I found, after looking at my Analytics, that I did  have some popular posts in 2015 that I’d thought I’d share. Everybody loves a good roundup.
I wasn’t as consistent as I wanted to be but I did my fair share of writing.

Here are the top 3 posts.

2015 Yoast SEO Plugin Changes

SEO Yoast WordPress Plugin Changes
The Yoast WordPress Plugin was dramatically updated and a client had questions so why not provide an answer for all.

Top 10 Free UnStock Photo Sites

un stock photos for blogging
I love these ‘Unstock’ photo websites and would love to start my own with my own photos. I can’t imagine the hard work it takes to curate these websites but I sure am grateful to them.

Standard Logo Dimensions

logo sizes and versions every business owner need
Another resource that came about because I was always trying to figure out the various dimensions needed for a logo. This list is one that would probably need to be updated periodically because social networks constantly change but at least I had a start.
And there it is. Another year of experiments, research, content gathering, creativity, and learning.
One thing I did learn, the best posts are the utilitarian posts. The posts that are resources and guides are the most viewed and the ones that folks actually read.

Your homework?

Take 10 minutes and start your list. What are the questions you always ask  yourself? What questions do clients as you?
Here’s to 2016!!

Christina Hawkins

Since 1999, Christina has been designing and building exceptional websites. With many years of experience in creating thousands of websites, she understands the need for continuing education in her field and, therefore, is constantly learning and teaching others about internet marketing and digital processes. Christina is known for her highly-collaborative methods that help her realize the vision each customer has to successfully create engaging content to captivate targeted audiences across multiple platforms. Christina has honed her digital marketing and graphic design skills so that she can help B2B industries get their message out to their target audience in the right way. In addition to her ability as a digital marketer, Christina serves as a coach and mentor with WPElevation to other digital marketing freelancers, helping them grow their businesses. She is also a sponsor and co-leader of Houston's WordPress Meetup.

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