Be mobile or be history.

mobile websites groupedgoMobi is a cloud hosted mobile website publishing platform that delivers high quality, cost efficient mobile website solutions to your customers that will generate value, increase customer loyalty and add revenue and grow your bottom line.

Mobile Websites

Perfect for current websites, contractors, and medical websites. If you already have a website and don’t have the budget to redesign your site for responsiveness, a goMobi site can replace that.

Over 20+% OF ALL WEBSITE traffic now comes from mobile phones, that’s One in Five of all website visitors.

goMobi mobile websites can be created quickly and easily without any technical knowledge allowing the SMB to create a mobile website specific to their business needs to grow traffic, convert leads and drive revenue.

mobile websites  on various devicesWe offer the Small Business Owner the flexibility to easily create mobile sites by either leveraging existing desktop site content, or to create a custom site using any of the 30+ made-for-mobile specific features or create sites using a hybrid of both. With mobile specific features including clickable phone numbers, maps and location-based directions, reservation and request information forms, Coupons, QR codes, mCommerce, ability to share site content and social media, increase conversion rates and generate revenue for any business.

Not having a mobile friendly website is like closing down your business one day a week


Your Benefits

  • Serves a global marketplace – the business can create their site in any of 12 languages
  • Improves conversion rates of visitors into customers; with features such Call Us, Find Us, Tell-A-Friend, QR Codes etc.,
  • Increases Revenue through features like Coupons, Reservations and mCommerce
  • Ease of set up and editing – the goMobi Control Panel minimizes set up time and maintenance by automatically leveraging content from your desktop website
  • Easy to prioritize the content and features
  • Reach an extended market – available in 30+ languages with our site translation feature
  • Desktop redirection code automatically generated with one click to provide seamless experience for customers.
  • Site layout and design flexibility with additional options such as uploading custom icons to each feature, customizing site templates and adding background images
  • Live interactive site preview – allows you to see all aspects of your site as you are creating it
  • Automatically updates content from Twitter, Facebook, event calendars, desktop site, review sites and more

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Your Customer’s Benefits

  • Works on all mobile devices, providing a great mobile experience to all customers on all phones, including smartphones, mid range and budget phones Leverages phone functions to allow quick and easy communication to the business
  • Easy and intuitive user interface to easily execute key functions such as a persistent “Home” and “back” buttons at the top and bottom of the screen provides for easier reverse navigation.
  • Presents just the right information for convenience and utility when needed most
  • Is fast and user friendly and loads information up to 8 times quicker than on a full website
  • Sites content easily translated into over 30+ languages with one click
  • Content adapts and fits onscreen and can be easily read without pinching and zooming
  • Users can also easily go to the full desktop website with one click.
  • Customers visiting the desktop site on mobile devices can automatically be redirected to the mobile site ensuring they always have the best

Mobile Websites

goMobi websites load 8 times quicker than the average website on mobile phones.