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    Over the past 5 years technology has given small businesses the opportunity to market themselves like never before! As small business owners we now have the ability to do things that before, only the “big” companies could afford to do.
    Small businesses now need to think: technology and local marketing.

    One of my favorite tools is video. Video will enable you to introduce yourself to your prospective customer right in their home or office. It will allow the prospect to see you, hear you, and experience you. Video allows your prospective customers to get to know you and trust you – and all you have to do is be present through pre-recorded video.

    In the past owners of small businesses typically didn’t even consider video because of the costs. But that has changed dramatically.
    Now with HD quality video on your iPhone, you can quickly produce a good quality video in minutes for FREE! From the iPhone you can not only create the video, but then immediately upload it to YouTube, and then distribute it through Facebook and other social media tools. Again, the cost? = $0.00.

    Last week I helped one of my clients create a video using their iPad. And if you are not an iPhone or iPad person, there are many inexpensive pocket cameras now available with HD quality.

    However, here is one important point. If possible, use a camera with a microphone jack, and then purchase an inexpensive microphone to use with your videos. The iPhone of course has this capability, and many people like the iRig mic.
    When I share this idea with small business owners the first question they typically ask is, “What do I talk about?” Here are 5 ideas for using video:

    • Share “How to” information. Last week I talked to a fellow business owner who casually produced a quick “how-to” video, and before she knew it had over 8,000 views. She had no idea how popular her “how-to” topic was. Plus, she received calls and orders as a result!
    • Offer “lists.” People love lists. Give them “5 steps to…”, or “7 ways to…”, or “3 ideas for…”, or “The top 10…”. I recently created a video blog on “7 Steps to Improve Your Daily Productivity.”
    • Video a happy customer talking about your service or product. Video testimonials are powerful!
    • Tell about how you helped a customer or client solve a problem (i.e. a quick case study.)
    • Interview someone at a luncheon or seminar presentation. Ask them to take 2-3 minutes and summarize what they talked about.

    There are many more things you can do but this will be a good starting point. Finally, the question comes up, “Who will watch my video?”

    First, set yourself up a YouTube Channel and start uploading videos to YouTube. When you upload the video give it an interesting title and write a description of the video content. Next, embed the video on your website or blog. Then share the video through Facebook, Google +, and other social media channels. After you get a few videos up you can then tweek your strategy to generate more traffic.

    The most important thing right now is GET STARTED!

    If you want some help with your marketing strategy I would be more than happy to talk to you and help you get started at no charge. Call or email me for a complimentary 30-minute Strategy Session. There is no obligation. The worst thing that will happen is that you will walk away from our time with some new ideas, some focus, and some encouragement!

    Glenn Smith is the owner of The Growth Coach in Houston, TX. He works with executives and small business owners helping them to achieve exceptional performance in their businesses and to live balanced, meaningful lives.

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