Managing Your Local Places Listing

Google Local MapThere are so many different websites that show users your address, phone, web address. Websites like Google+, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook, Merchant Circle, it’s all just a crazy mess but you have to be careful to keep track of your local listings. It’s imperative as we all just don’t know where customers will come from or where the reviews will show.

So I’ve put together some of my techniques for keeping track and managing them.

  1. Create a worksheet of all your listings, web address, email address used to manage, next steps, what is missing. Maybe a Google docs that can be shared with your team. I’ve created one on Google Docs to get you started:
  2. Don’t allow others to claim your listing. There are 3rd Party companies that will ‘save you time’ by registering and claiming your listings for you. But, what happens when/if the relationship sours or you decide to terminate the contract? Who has access now? How can you get it back? I’ve run into this problem many times when we tried to
  3. Don’t allow employees to use their personal email address to claim them. As with #1, what happens with the employee moves on? I recommend creating a generic email address that manages company-wide listings, maybe carry this over into your social media pages.
  4. Find all of your listings using a services like or
  5. Make sure your listings all have the same information. Is the website and the phone number correct? Is the company name consistent? Service-area correct?

Uh..Oh! Christina.. I didn’t do those things. Now what!

  1. If a third party has access to your listings, call and email until you get a hold of someone. Be persistent.
  2. You might need to contact Google or Yelp directly.
    1. Google Business Forum:!forum/business
    2. Yelp:
  3. Well, that didn’t work so you might have to consider starting over. If you don’t have any reviews, it might not be a big deal. If you do, you’ll have to weigh your options.
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Christina Hawkins

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