LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies – Part V – Track Your LinkedIn Results

Social Media analysisNaturally it’s important to track the results of your lead generation efforts.  Some results will be immediately apparent:  E.G. engagement and response versus zero engagement and response on posts, comments and calls to action.

LinkedIn Ads

If you have taken out a LinkedIn ad, you will be able view Ad Performance reports:

  1. Move your cursor over “Home” on your Company Page and click “Ads”
  2. Click “Reporting” tab
  3. Select:
  • Report Type
  • Date Range
  • View.
  1. Download your CSV file containing the results

Company Page Tracking

While the general FAQ page seems to have disappeared, there is still a link to specific Company Page and tracking FAQs.  To learn more about Company Pages and find more ways to track your results (e.g. “How do I see who’s been viewing my Company Page?”) visit the Company Page FAQ.

“If you’re a Company Page administrator, you can view the Page Insights or Follower Insights page to see who’s visiting your Company Page, which areas interest them, and how your data compares against similar companies. Graphs also provide monthly data on page traffic and show how users interact with your content. There’s also data on which industries, companies and functions make up your followers.

To view this data:

1. Go to your Company Page.

2. Click the down arrow next to the Edit button in the upper right.

3. Select View follower insights or View page insights.

Linkedin Click to see Analytics

LinkedIn Company Analytics

Another way is to track visits from your website. You’ll need your web designer or a way to add the code yourself. You can visit the LinkedIn developer’s page for more information:

LinkedIn Link Setup

You can also track results on your website through your cPanel, to see where your traffic is coming from:  And over time, you may even see results via Alexa and Quantcast details.

Christina Hawkins

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