LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies – Part VI – Keep On Top of the Latest Changes

LinkedIn ChangesOne potential impediment to lead generation is LinkedIn itself, right now.  The network is in the middle of major overhauls and features are disappearing, one after the other, so be sure to check out the LinkedIn blog for the heads-up on recent and upcoming changes.

For example, up until literally a day or so ago, LinkedIn provided a selection of Apps to help you enjoy your LinkedIn experience – and enhance your Profile appeal.  If you go to the App Directory, this is what you will now find…

Screenshot LinkedIn Blog New Changes

Why LinkedIn seems hell-bent on removing every useful feature it had (Answers, Events and now Apps) is a mystery:  One can only hope they plan to replace these with much better options in the near future.

True, it does offer an option to people who already had an App installed, announcing that it is replacing Apps with “a preview of a new feature that lets former LinkedIn Application users add media links to images, presentations, videos, and documents to their profiles.” But it then goes on to say you can only do this if you had Apps installed.  (If you are one of those LinkedIn members who used the SlideShare or Portfolio App, you’ll find them moved to your Summary.)

If you need to add new ones, click to edit your profile and scroll to the Summary section to add the link to that presentation.

LinkedIn Screenshot for Presentations

Christina Hawkins

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