Why It’s Important To Gather Customer Reviews

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    Trust is a fickle thing. In our personal lives, we might trust our best friend with our deepest secrets but think twice about letting a stranger borrow our phone. The same is true of businesses.

    I am going to discuss why it’s so important to gather customer reviews and the best ways to go about doing it. We’ll also provide some tips for getting more customer reviews.

    If you need help answering a review, we’ve got a guide for that.

    If you’re a construction company, then you know that customer reviews are one of the most important pieces of content on your website. Why? Because customer reviews can help improve your search engine rankings, build trust, help businesses attract new customers, keep the ones that they have, as well as become valuable sources of information for potential customers.

    There are a few things you should keep in mind when gathering customer reviews. 

    First, make sure you only collect reviews from verified customers. 

    Second, make sure you display customer reviews prominently on your website. 

    And third, make sure you respond to all customer reviews – good or bad.

    Watch my series on managing your online reviews

    People are more likely to trust a business if it has reviews from customers

    Think about it from the customer’s perspective. If you’re considering doing business with a company, but can’t find any reviews online, you might be hesitant to pull the trigger. But if you see that other people have had a positive experience with the company, it gives you a sense of comfort and confidence, and you’re more likely to convert.

    We’re more likely to buy from a company that comes recommended by someone we know and trust, but what about when we’re dealing with businesses we’re not familiar with? This is where your reputation management comes in. Customer reviews can help to build trust with potential customers by providing an honest account of what it’s like to do business with a company.

    How to Manage Your Reputation

    In today’s digital world, potential customers can read dozens of reviews before making a purchase, and this can play a major role in conversions. They help to build trust and convert potential customers into actual customers.

    If you’re a business owner, then you know that reputation management is essential for attracting new customers and keeping the ones you have. After all, word-of-mouth is still one of the best marketing tools out there. And these days, potential customers are more likely to read online reviews before making a purchase. 

    So if you’re not gathering reviews from your happy customers, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

    contractor reviews with emoji and rating

    But why is that? 

    Why are we more likely to trust a business if it has positive customer reviews?

    There are a few reasons. 

    1. Social proof. When we see that others have had a positive experience with a business, it makes us more likely to convert ourselves. We feel like we can trust the company and that they’re more likely to deliver on their promises.

    2. Transparency. Customer reviews add an element of transparency that can be helpful in making our decision. We can see exactly what other people thought about their experiences and use that information to help guide our own decision.

    3. Feedback. Getting customer feedback is very valuable. They can help your businesses improve their services, check their internal systems, ensure staff are performing at a high level, and make sure that you are meeting your customer’s needs.

    Reviews help businesses understand where they need to improve

    It’s not just about appearing popular, either. Reviews can also provide valuable feedback for businesses, helping them to identify areas where they need to improve. So if you’re not already actively encouraging customer reviews, now is the time to start.

    Just be sure to follow Steve Jobs’ lead and “think different” – collect reviews from a variety of sources, not just your own website. That way, potential customers will get a well-rounded view of your business, and you’ll be more likely to earn their trust – and their conversions.

    Responding to customer reviews shows that you are attentive to your customers’ needs and are willing to make changes based on their feedback. This can help increase conversions, as potential customers will see that you value customer satisfaction.

    Gathering reviews can help businesses keep the clients you have

    As any business owner knows, retaining customers is essential to success. While it is important to attract new business, it is even more important to keep the customers you already have.

    One way to ensure customer retention is to gather customer reviews. By actively soliciting feedback from your customer base, you can get a better sense of what they like and don’t like about your product or service. This information can be used to make necessary changes in order to keep your customers happy.

    Loyal customers are the lifeblood of any business. But even the most loyal customer can be tempted to leave if they see a competitor offering a better deal. Customer reviews can help keep your existing customers from straying by reminding them why they love doing business with you in the first place.

    Reviews are a valuable source of information for potential customers

    Conversions are important. They’re what turn leads into paying customers – and happy customers are the bread and butter of any successful business. So it stands to reason that businesses should do everything in their power to encourage conversions. And one of the best ways to do that is by soliciting customer reviews.

    Reviews are great for SEO

    Customer reviews can also help improve your company’s SEO, as they can be used as keyword-rich content on your website.

    When customers take the time to write a review, it shows Google that your site is valuable and worth ranking higher. Additionally, positive reviews can help to increase conversions by boosting trust with potential customers.

    In general, businesses with more positive reviews tend to rank higher in search results. This is because Google and other search engines take reviews into account when determining where to place websites in their search results. As a result, businesses that want to improve their SEO should make an effort to encourage their customers to leave positive reviews. In addition to helping with SEO, online reviews can also help to build trust and credibility with potential customers. In today’s competitive market, online reviews can be the difference between success and failure.

    Positive Review Automation

    Quick Tips About Customer Reviews

    1. Quantity Is Relative. For construction companies and remodelers, it is important to gather feedback from clients in order to improve the quality of your services. The number of reviews might differ from other companies as your projects usually last weeks and months.

      As opposed to moving companies we recommend creating an automated process to collect reviews.
    2. Having All 5-Stars Is Suspicious. The problem with 5-star reviews is that they often feel fake. They’re either written by the business owner themselves, or they’re written by friends and family who want to help out. Either way, they’re not an accurate representation of what most customers think. Just like you can’t trust all 1-star reviews, we tend not to trust all 5-star reviews. The fact of the matter is, even the best businesses and products can’t please everybody.
    1. It’s Okay To Ask Past Customers
      It’s best to ask customers just as you are nearing the end of the work. But if you are just starting your process, we believe it’s okay to go back 6-12 months prior. You can start with a polite and friendly email simply asking for their review. Hopefully you have a master client or customer list that you’ve build, but if not, this will definitely be step one. Try to use their first name in the email and maybe reference something unique about the work.

      An example email might include the subject line, “ “We wanted to say thanks again.” Since the email address is recognizable, the past customer is going to be pretty likely to open this. Follow this with a line expressing your gratitude and mention the specific service you completed like a bathroom remodel or a new basement.
    1. Respond to all reviews, both good and bad

      One way businesses can attract new customers and keep the ones they have is by gathering reviews. Customers like to know that their voice is being heard and that their opinion matters. When you take the time to listen to your customers and gather their reviews, it shows them that you’re dedicated to providing the best possible experience. It also helps you identify areas where you can improve. 
    2. Consider video reviews.

      Many people think that written reviews are the only way to get an accurate sense of your service. However, video reviews can be just as helpful, if not more so. For one thing, they offer a more complete picture of what the customer experience is like.

      A view review can be more trustworthy since you can see the person’s face and voice. Written reviews can be faked.

      A video review can show you not just what the reviewer thought of the product, but also how the process was easy, and the end result. A positive video review can help offset any damage provided by several low reviews and give potential customers a more balanced view of your business.

      Moreover, video reviews are more engaging than written ones, and they’re more likely to be shared on social media. In other words, they have the potential to reach a wider audience and generate more buzz for your business. So if you’re looking for a way to get an edge on the competition, consider investing in video reviews.

    How To Get More Reviews

    it’s important to be strategic about how you go about asking for reviews. If you’re too pushy, you risk coming across as desperate or insincere. On the other hand, if you’re too subtle, your request may go unnoticed. The key is to strike a balance by being professional, polite, and concise. And if you can add a little wit to your request, all the better.

    Asking for a review doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Just remember to be strategic, and you’ll be sure to get the positive feedback you’re looking for. 

    There are a few different ways to gather reviews. You can ask customers to leave a review on your website or social media page. You can also send follow-up emails after a purchase is made, asking customers to rate their experience. And of course, you can always encourage customers to leave a review on popular review sites like Yelp or Google.

    1. Create a system to collect reviews with several ways to accomplish the goal.
    2. Ask customers to leave a review on your website, social media pages, directories, etc.
    3. Send follow-up emails after a purchase is made, asking customers to rate their experience.
    4. Encourage customers to leave a review on popular review sites like Yelp or Google or Facebook.
    5. Text a link to your review page for an easy way to leave a review.
    Get More Customer Reviews

    As a business owner, it’s important that you take control of your online reputation and make sure that good reviews outweigh any negative ones. Luckily for you, we can help. Our team has years of experience in gathering customer testimonials and managing online review platforms. You can learn more about  Schedule a call with us today so that we can start helping you build a positive reputation for your business.

    Why It's Important to Gather Customer Reviews

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