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    If you’ve ever tried to create a bunch of social media graphics, I can understand how frustrating it can be. I want to show you a better way using Canva.

    Hey everybody, it’s Christina Hawkins, and let’s get started. I’m going to walk you through Canva. A little bit about Canva. Canva is a browser-based graphic design tool meant for amateurs, and I think even professionals could use Canva, or do use Canva. They have templates that you can start from, folders, as you can see here, folders where you can break out different assets, logos, photos, the types of graphics, YouTube, art, social media art, blog art. They’ve got some training in here. You could do some for print. But what I like to use it for is sharing my graphics with my team so that they can maintain the consistency of the brand, the style, the look, the content, the photos.

    It makes it much easier for myself, as well. I own Photoshop. I have illustrator. I have InDesign. I have all these great graphic design tools, but just to create a bunch of social media art maybe for that month, it’s just easier for me to open up Canva and just go to town. Again, I don’t have to think about it. Part of the problem I have myself is that I overthink things. I start getting too deep into the design and I spend another hour, whereas if I had just come to Canva, changed things up, changed the words and just gotten out of it.

    So enough of me jabbering away. Let’s get into it. Let’s go into one of them I just kind of started here. This is a folder possibly for how to a instructions or something. Anyway, it can be meant for your social media posts, so we’ll go into the edit section. Just real quick, let’s go back here real quick and go through this edit. It’s going to open up this specific file and edit it or you can use this template, so it will duplicate this and allow you to work on a new version of this group of images. Say you have 2018, 2019, 2020 and that way you can go through year by year to see all the different graphics. But in this case, we’re just going to edit that file as it is.

    Now, you can see a little bit that I’ve done in the past, so you can tell the colors, the logos are there. We’ve got black and white images and then I duplicated it. I threw in different colors and I removed the black and white. Just real quick, you can see how easy it is. I go into adjust and I can change the saturation on these. So you can do the same thing. If you’ve decided, “Well, we kind of want that cool look,” we can change this back out. I can click this, adjust and hit that saturation.

    Now, if I were to throw in another image in here, it would maintain that look. If I threw another image, it would be black and white, and you can come over here and you can have all of your logos can be all inside one folder and in this case, you could have your color logo, your black logo, your white logo, your vertical logo, your horizontal logo so that no matter what version of image that you’re creating, you can find one that will fit that image so now you’re not having to hunt around looking for all your brand assets. They can all be in a single place.

    You have team templates, so you can create a single template and use this in the future and say, “Hey everybody, these are the team templates. This is the Facebook one, this is the YouTube template everybody uses. Create a new one. Follow along.” You’ve got your uploads, so you can throw in all of your company photos and then you can kind of scroll through and pick out exactly the photo that you need. So really nice, super, super easy to change text. You can move your logos around. You can switch out your logo. You can remove the logo, whichever you want, and you can see here’s a couple of different versions where we just did this one and this one and all we did was change out the photo or the text.

    Another thing to consider is again, maintain the brand, is you can set a palette. So if I click on this box here, I can now create different brand colors. If you’ve got different companies that you work for or if you’re a single company, you’ve got different new DBAs or something, you can create these different palette colors. So I know Hal Services has these three colors. I can change this to red or the dark blue and I’m still maintaining the color styles.

    One thing you can consider, again, doing all your social media for a whole month or maybe six months worth. When you’ve built that out, you come over here and to use my design and I download them, and by default it will download all of them. If you had to go back and change one, you can just choose one and download that. Lots of different options here. One thing I love about the pro account is you’re able to share your designs. You can set it up and send an email where that person can edit this specific file. You have other options in there to edit, to view. Clients can also see it without having edit capability. You can also create a link and send out the link so that they have an ability to use it as a template. Rather than working on this specific file, they can work on a template and not have to make any changes here. They can work on a new set of images.

    I wanted to show you an example that I use it for and that’s for my blogs. You can see that I’ve got several blog post featured images. Now, I use these on my own website. You can see that I’ve got different versions of my logo. I can maintain the look of it by just switching out the photo and changing the text and then I’m done. I can walk away. Text that’s hard to read, I can blur the background image and it makes the text more visible.

    So let’s talk about pricing. I have the pro plan, and I know it says this is current, but I just checked. I do have the pro plan. I’m not sure why it’s showing this, but everything I’m showing you, for example, magically resizing your designs, being able to create folders and templates for my team. If you are a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur, this is probably all you might need. I do prefer this ability to share my graphics with a contractor or a team member, so that’s been really important for me. Being able to upload my custom plots for a brand is important. Definitely setting color palettes for my brand and again, I have an agency so that’s really important for me to be able to split those out.

    But if you’re serious about being consistent and improving your process for building your social media and your graphics for your company, I recommend the Canva Pro. It makes it a lot easier for your process and new team members, makes things go a little bit faster, and any time that you can improve that process I think is much better for the company and your boss is going to love you for it. All right, enough about that.

    So I hope that was helpful. I just want to reiterate what I’m trying to get across. Canva can help you save money, save some time, ensure the brand is consistent. I think also I have Adobe Suite. I have the entire Adobe Suite, Photoshop, illustrator, all of it, InDesign, but I tend to use Canva a lot more often because I’m able to again, pull the assets that I need quickly and I think even more importantly, I can share that with the team, which I talk about earlier.

    One thing that’s happened to me in the past is that I’ve given something to a contractor or a team member, they go to lunch, they are gone maybe or they go on vacation. Whatever happens, I’m able to still access that original file. If it was done in Photoshop, it’s still sitting on their desk, unless it’s saved, again, on a cloud like Dropbox or Google Apps and it’s fine. But in this case, if I’m sharing this Canva, I can still access it. I can still see the changes that were made, but if I need to add a capitalization, change a word, fix a spelling, it’s there. It can save time. It can save money, a little bit of frustration and again, maintain the consistency of the brand.

    If you have any questions, if you have any comments, please leave them below. If there is a video that you would like me to create to answer any questions that you have, maybe how do I do something, please leave that, as well. I’ll see if I can create a video for you. All right. Thanks so much. Have a great day. Bye!

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