9 Ways Google Business Profiles Benefits Home Remodeling Customers

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    As a home renovation company owner, Google Business Profile (was Google My Business) must be part of any successful contractor’s SEO strategy. Making sure your GBP profile is optimized is essential and can help boost your rankings and benefit homeowners. It’s no secret that Google is the most popular search engine in the world. For contractors and remodelers, this means that your customers are using it to find you and your business.

    To get found by these customers, you’ll need a Google Business Profile listing. In this blog post, we’re going to show you nine ways that having a GBP listing will benefit not just your company but also your clients.

    What is Google Business Profile

    Google Business Profile, or GBP, is a directory tool that helps consumers find local businesses like yours. This free service aids people in searching for in the nearest vicinity. My favorite SEO analytics is to view how many people viewed my client’s profiles, the number of calls, and how many looked up directions. 

    Within Google’s platform, you claim then optimize your Google business profile. Once you’ve got the basics, you can then connect with customers with announcements, blog posts, offers, messages, and more. Your profile is part of a bigger marketing strategy that helps you dominate Google by taking up as much real estate on Google’s first page results. 

    At a minimum, if I Google your company name, I should see your brand dominate search completely. 

    dominating Google search results example

    Considering that GBP is free, it’s no wonder why using it for Local SEO becomes part of any internet marketing arsenal. Then, knowing that 97% of all consumers research products or services locally online, it becomes a powerful online listing.

    Nearly all consumers (97 percent) now use online media when researching products or services in their local area,

    Today’s Customers

    Today, customers use mobile to find what they are looking for and they access that information quickly. They are curious, demanding, and impatient. Let’s think about how your customers’ behaviors dictate how you should coordinate your marketing strategy.

    Starting from that first inkling that they’d like to remodel their kitchen, they start looking for kitchen remodeling ideas. They build their Pinterest Board or bookmarking portfolios that they like.

    Curious customers are all about research and they start that through a Google search. They will not decide unless they have as much information as possible about a company, product, or service. 

    Google Business Profile Benefits Home Renovation Customers

    So where does a Google Business Profile sit during this research?

    You’ve all been there? We remember hearing about this one business that a friend recommended. We can’t find the business card but we remember the name so we hunt using our phone and Bam! There it is with one click to dial. Crisis averted.

    Your customers benefit from Google Business Profile in several ways. The information they need, the ability to get things done immediately, and companies’ abilities to customize and improve their experience top the list.

    Having an optimized Google Business Profile will help you with:

    • Local Search Engine Optimization
    • Gathering reviews for your business
    • Getting your business information out to Google users
    • Marketing to and communicating with potential customers
    • Collecting and analyzing insights 

    Google Business Profile will publish:

    • Business phone number
    • Business website/physical address
    • Business hours
    • Reviews and ratings
    • Business services
    • Answer frequently asked questions
    • Anything else that you choose to highlight your work or your business

    1. Quickly Vet Different Contractors

    Your  Google Business Profile is usually one of the more visible listings on the internet for any search. It tends to be just below Google Ads which is prime real estate.

    Consumers will see your GBP and can quickly verify that your business exists, has a good reputation, and is active meaning, you haven’t gone dormant. They can see examples of your work and find out if you have the right experience. With a GBP, your potential customers can see that you have an office space close by thereby highlighting proximity. If you don’t have an address, the ‘service area’ serves the same purpose. 

    Bottom line, local search relies on a GBP. 

    Google business profile example
    Google business profile example

    2. Information on Demand

    Research shows that 46% of Google searches are searching for local information. Customers might type “home renovations Houston” within Google and be given about 14-15 results, but map results are key if you are looking for that quick phone number or directions.

    Phone Numbers. Customers can have their questions answered quickly with Google Business Profile. Much like the old yellow pages, the most important information is right there, and with a touch of the button, you can be dialing with your phone.

    FAQs. To ensure your potential customers have all the information they need, set up a Q&A with your GBP. In your business listing:

    • Click Ask a Question
    • Include any questions a customer may ask and provide those answers. 
    • Make sure that you return to GBP regularly to update information. 

    Relevant Now Information. In addition, with a Google Business Profile profile, customers will find your hours opened and closed, COVID-related announcements, photos of completed projects, and appointment settings. And this information is in real-time, helping them make better, informed decisions quicker than ever before.

    GBP relevant information example

    3. Contact Businesses Easier

    With an optimized business profile, customers can quickly contact you using either the phone button, chat, or website. This makes the tool a phone directory at your fingertips.

    Customers can now save your listing in their own lists making it easier to reach you later as well as having it close by during research

    Google business profile adding businesses to lists

    For the messaging feature, you will need to activate this and then add a welcome message and turn on notifications. With the messaging tool, customers can reach out by text as you receive them in real-time on the GBP mobile app or dashboard on your browser. Set appointments faster by sharing your availability with the scheduling tool.

    gbp adding message option

    4. Customers Can See Your Best Work

    When looking for renovation work or a contractor to build their home, people want to know that your business can do the job. Show them by adding project photos of completed or in-process work. As they scroll through search results, your attractive images will draw attention and help them choose your firm.

    While at job sites, I recommend taking photos before and after work. I would also include the crew and supporting staff. Use the virtual video tour and 360º photo options for a more comprehensive overview of a project.

    Google business profile adding photos example

    5. Quick Insight into Past Customer Experiences

    Using Google Reviews, customers can get a take on what we call social proof

    According to Robert Cialdini, who studied the principle of social proof in-depth in his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, “we view a behavior as more correct in a given situation to the degree that we see others performing it”. 

    Meaning that we all take customer reviews seriously as an indicator as to how you run your business as well as showing them that your business is active and engaging. Review feedback with a thoughtful message shows 

    Negative reviews can still have a positive impact. Responding to negative reviews the right way can let customers know how well you take action. As per Jay Bauer, his research shows that businesses experience a 16% boost in customer advocacy after dealing with negative reviews

    Then another recent study by Jay Bauer shows that 31% of consumers say they are more likely to look at a local business’s Google listing before visiting it than they were pre-COVID

    When paired with social proof, what happy customers say about your contractor business, users are more likely to trust and find you credible. When potential customers look through your reviews, those highlighted will help them understand why your construction company is the right choice for them. 

    6. Optimize Your Google Business Profile Profile with Regular Posts

    With Google Business Profile posts, customers can check your engagement, view recent announcements, and get recent coupons and news.

    To make a post and promote events and special offers:

    • Sign in to GBP and find your listing.
    • Scroll to the Posts section and click Update.
    • Choose the type of post you would like to create.
    • Add any videos, text, and offers and hit preview
    • Once you’re happy with your post, choose to publish it. 

    But why post regularly on Google Business? 

    1. You increasing the number of consumer actions on your profile.
    2. With posts you can provide positive ranking signals to Google.
    3. It increases the change that users will engage as they have a higher intent on search engines than on other platforms
    4. Encouraging users to follow your profile for new posts and updates. 

    Types of Posts You Can Create For Your Customers:

    1. COVID-19
    2. Hours of operation and temporary closures.
    3. Updates to how the location manages safety and hygiene.
    4. Requests for support.
    5. Offers
    6. Products
    7. Important
    8. What’s new
    9. Events

    7. Categories and Special Features

    Using categories, you can articulate the specific type of contracting work that you offer. Google gets a better understanding of your work to understand the kind of work you do. You can set both primary and secondary categories. It’s important that you select the right categories when setting this up, as it will make a difference in both local pack and Google map searches.

    Google Business Profile categories are very important fields that you set for your listing to help people find what kind of business it is. These descriptions also show up in search engine results, so make sure they’re accurate!

    8. Better Decision Making

    With all your Google Business Profile Profile entails, homeowners can decide that they would like to learn more, so they click on your website. They can research everything about your company using the information you provide. Prospects are searching for you now. 

    Claim and optimize your profile today!

    9. A Better Way to Search 

    With online review sites like Yelp on the decline, Google Business Profile and similar platforms are crucial. Without a Yelp account, there isn’t much information that you can find about companies. Yelp has had some credibility issues in the past, turning customers to places like Google. Other tools like Houzz or Angie’s or Homeadvisor offer similar options to get basic data and reviews for contractors but Google searches tend to win the race.    

    Google Business Profile Next Steps

    Now that you know how Google Business Profile is for contractors and construction firms, as well as customers, it’s time to get started.

    Get your GBP account and appear on Google Maps:

    • Sign in to Google Business Profile or create your account using your Google account.
    • Enter your business address and the other information requested
    • Define the category of your business 
    • Add your website URL and business phone number 
    • Complete the owner verification process.  

    Even if you don’t have a physical address, you can still register your Google listing. You will need to include your service area so Google knows the serviceable range. 

    Once you have your listing, you’ll want to optimize your GBP listing:

    • Brand your listing with your logos, photos of your crew, and wrapped trucks, etc.
    • Assign someone on your team to monitor reviews, Q&A, and update photos
    • Create and share a QR code unique to the Google review tool. Use it on our business cards to request reviews and provide customers quick access to your business listing.
    • Add your Google map to your website.
    • Add photos of your projects.

    Google’s Local 3-Pack

    Once you’ve set your business up in Google Maps, you are positioned to appear in a Google Local 3-Pack search. When users search with an implied location, Google will highlight local business in the search results – this is the Local 3-Pack. The Local 3-Pack shows up first on the page, increasing your chance of being chosen. It includes three local businesses that fit the query and interactive buttons for directions, hours, phone numbers, service areas, and website links. 

    It’s never been easier for a business to have a GBP listing. GlobalSpex is here to help you with all of your digital marketing needs from SEO services, digital marketing, content creation, social media management—and now Google Business Profile listings! Start reaching new prospects and getting new clients with Google Business Profile and the Google 3-Pack.

    Make sure that you top the search list ahead of your competitors. Partnering with Global Spex will give you access to the best-in-class tools proven time and again to drive sales. Let’s talk about how we can make your company more visible online today.

    We would love to hear what else has helped your company grow through the use of our products or services? What other benefits have having a GBP listing brought into your life?

    9 Ways Google Business Profiles

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