How Do I Request Website Support?

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    As your digital marketing and website care partners, we want you to have a website that is always working for you. As your business needs to change and evolve, we recognize that you’re going to need to make some updates to your website and request website maintenance. Whether you want to change out some content or have run into an error that’s getting in the way of your ability to do business, we want to get your website up and running as quickly as possible.

    How To Use The GlobalSpex Support Tool

    Download the How Do I Request Support Infographic.

    The method I describe below works best when you request any remote support.

    We’re available to help you with all of your website needs, and we want to make sure the process is as streamlined as possible to save both of us valuable time. Instead of having our developers spend time trying to figure out what you want, we have a specific process that we’d like our customers to follow. We hope this will help you get your requests completed in a timely manner.

    The method I described in this post works best when you request any remote support. Click To Tweet

    In some cases, you may want to request a change because you are experiencing an error. That process is similar to requesting an update, and we will address both needs below.

    When you need to make changes or updates to your website for any reason, we recommend that you follow these easy 5 steps. 

    5 steps to request website updates & support

    Following these five steps will ensure that you and our developers are on the same page.

    Tip #1. Submit a new request by email or through the support portal.

    You have two options: you can send an email to [email protected] or submit your request to

    Below is a screenshot of the Support Request form.

    teamwork support form

    Again, you don’t have to use the portal or form but the great thing is that you can log in and view all of your company’s requests with us and their status. This includes any requests made by your staff.

    support ticket list

    The best way to make sure your request gets seen is to send a new request for every new change or error. If you reply to an old ticket on an urgent issue with the same subject line, your request could inadvertently get missed, or it could take us longer to respond. 

    For updates on existing requests:

    If you are providing new information or asking for a status update on a request that you have previously submitted, please respond to the ticket that has already been started.

    If, however, you start a new ticket for an existing order, we will combine the tickets to keep things neat and tidy.

    Tip #2. Create a Specific & Unique The Subject

    We recommend starting a new email with a specific topic or concern in the subject line. If you have multiple websites with us, please include the web address that needs the change in the subject line. This will ensure that we will work on the correct website for you and can prevent delays in processing your request. 

    Subject Examples

    Bad Example: Website

    Bad Example: Hi

    Good Example: I get an error when I try to add a new page

    Good Example: Add attached content to our About Us page

    When sending support requests, be sure to use unique subject lines in your ticket or emails. This will ensure that we will work on the correct website for you and can prevent delays in processing your request. Click To Tweet

    Tip #3. Send Us the Web Page URL

    Be sure to include the web page URL of where you would like to see the change when you send us your screenshot or short video. Be specific and make sure the URL is correct so that we can quickly identify the content you would like changed. 

    URL Examples

    Bad Example:

    Good Example:

    Tip #4. Include Specific Information In The Description

    Whatever your need is for a change, be sure to be as clear as possible when making your request so we can understand your goal and help you by making changes that will allow you to reach that goal in a timely manner. The last thing we want is for our developers to have to do a scavenger hunt on your website to try to figure out what the issue is or go back and forth with questions. 

    In the body of your email or the form description field, explain what change(s) need to be made to your website. Please be as clear as possible when describing what you need to change or what issue or error you are experiencing that needs to be addressed. Attach your screenshot or videos, which we explain below, to the email so our developers can quickly identify the issue and get to work addressing it. 

    Below is an example of a ticket we received that was close. It included a link to the page she was on and where the error occurred but more detail on what was not working would have been helpful.

    Example 1

    If you are experiencing an error, make sure to include exactly what you were doing when the error occurred. That and including the URL of the page that you were on when you experienced an error is extremely helpful. 

    Things to include:

    • What was the specific error she got?
    • Did she try to submit the form or did she not get the email notification?
    • Was there a field that should be required?

    Example 2

    This is an example of the change needed using a screenshot. It quickly helped us understand how the buttons were not lining up. What would have helped was the exact URL.

    Example 3

    This request identified an error with a website’s menu. But we were missing some crucial information. When we visited the website, we did not notice anything so we had to ask for clarification.

    • What was the specific error she got?
    • What does he see?
    • Was he logged in?
    • Did he try to add a page to the menu?
    • He mentioned a ‘Gala’ but we were not sure if he was referring to the menu or a section of a page.

    Tip #5. Send Screenshot Or Video

    For any change, it can be particularly helpful if you could provide a screenshot of the whole screen (not just a portion) or, even better, a short video demonstrating what, exactly, you are experiencing.

    A video can explain, in detail, how a process broke or when the error appears. Using the tools below, the videos can upload quickly and provide a link to it in the cloud.

    Below are some tools we recommend:

    All of these tools are available for free and take just a few minutes to set up. You can use them to record short videos that quickly identify the areas of your website that you would like us to update for you.

    6. Is This An Emergency?

    Normally, if your website goes down, we get notified in 3 ways; email, text, and Slack message.

    In some cases, we might not see a critical error. For example, users can’t log in, make a purchase, or use your website the way it is intended, this type of issue can cause loss of business or revenue. This qualifies as urgent or emergency status. Therefore, make sure to indicate that when you make your request. 

    If, on the other hand, you simply want to update your content or make content changes on your website, then you do not have an emergency. You may be excited to change some content around, but that’s not the same level of urgency as a business owner whose customers can’t log in. 

    We want to make sure all of our customers have a working website to allow them to continue doing business. Please understand that we will address content changes and follow your requests within 24 – 72 hours. We will, however, prioritize urgent and emergency requests over content change requests.

    Feel free to contact us if you have need help updating your website.

    How to request website support

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