Can Blogging Increase Attorney Credibility?

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    As blogging continues to soar in global popularity, a number of businesses are utilizing this medium to effectively promote their services. From Internet marketing agencies to textile manufacturers, blogging has been proven to increase online visibility across vast digital networks. As part of a strategic online marketing campaign, it can even secure potential clients, while showcasing new products and services for existing ones. While blogging requires updated content to maintain that competitive, the possibilities are simply endless when it comes to formats and templates. In fact, the more compelling and creative your blog is; the more it will attract and engage audiences. In the legal spectrum, blogging has even propelled several law firms to new heights and aspirations.

    Attorney Websites   For area attorneys, blogging is the perfect way to enhance credibility and trust. It is also a great way to build repertoire with potential and existing clients. By marketing your legal services, clients have access to a wealth of useful and pertinent information. This is especially true if they are seeking legal representation, or simply want to learn more about new changes to the law. Attorney website links can be placed at strategic locations throughout the body of content as well. This way, clients and readers can easily be connected to your services if the need arises. With blogging, lawyers can also discuss a myriad of law-related items. This includes new law amendments, and how these changes will affect the public at large. Discussing your areas of expertise is also essential. Whether you are a criminal attorney, or specialize in DWI cases, marketing your services is a must in this challenging and diverse market.

    Attorney Tweets

    In addition to captivating blogs, social media integration is also paramount. For attorneys, tweeting about your legal specialties can connect you to thousands of potential clients. Since Twitter is an instantaneous forum, your messages are delivered within seconds of posting them. This is also a cost-effective solution to traditional marketing techniques, which can be time consuming as well. Tweeting can even help establish your law firm, while keeping you abreast of all social media patterns, changes, and trends. Attorneys, however, should tweet about relevant services, including:

    • Specialty areas – DUI/DWI, Divorce, Medical Negligence, Immigration, Wills & Loans, Property Disputes, etc.
    • Case studies
    • Changes in the law that effect clients
    • Experience level and expertise
    • Success rates and stories (without violating Attorney – Client privilege)

    Attorney Videos

    In addition to Twitter, promotional videos are also designed to sell your legal services. From You Tube to Veoh, video-sharing platforms allow attorneys to promote their business, while showcasing their office and staff. For area attorneys, a number of professional video production companies are available for your convenience. Whether it’s highlighting blog topics, or visualizing your mission statement, marketing videos offer a personalized touch for any independent attorney or law firm.

    As an industry leader in web design, content creation/blogging, and e-commerce solutions, Global Spex can help promote your legal services to a range of potential clients and customers. Utilizing strategic marketing plans and SEO enhancement, we have helped countless attorneys and law firms secure greater online visibility. If you’re a lawyer struggling to market your practice and services, let our marketing experts open the door to a wealth of new opportunities.

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