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The Truth About Search Engine Optimization

If you're a small business owner, you know how important it is that your customers can find your business online.

Not understanding how search engines work and the amount of work needed are why your website can struggle online. Many website owners believe that the right domain with the right keywords will work or that metadata is needed to get on the first page of Google.

A few years ago, it was easy to build a website, add some optimized keywords, find a website for links back. I could say that their website would show on Google pretty easily.

It's so different now.

  • SEO is not a one-time service.
  • It's not set it and forget it.
  • It's time and energy, and research.

Why not have someone on your site that will listen and work with you.

Now more than ever, small businesses need to look at their website differently for results. If your website is not showing up when and where it needs to be, it needs more than a new website design, blog, or two.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a comprehensive process.

How much time do you have to devote to the amount of work involved?

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"GlobalSpex has done an outstanding job with helping us achieve a dominant internet presence for homeowners. I recommend them to all my friends and business associates."

Melissa Howell
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Your Company's Digital Growth

Make your website a powerful and cost-efficient lead generator for your sales team.

We've worked hard to create a system and process to build leads. We take cues from you first. What are you fired up about? Why do your customers buy from you? What makes your company unique? This is where we start. 

We've seen great results through testing and research, time, and analysis. It does not happen in a month. It takes months.

Between 2016 - 2017, our digital marketing helped a local plumbing company increase traffic 55% and see a conversion increase 124%.

What is a conversion? A conversion is the action we want each user to take that would register a successful marketing action. For example, a phone call or subscribing to a newsletter or requesting an appointment.

You have to consider that you got to the top of Google search, but the website is not performing and turning that traffic into qualified leads.

That's why we take a big-picture approach. We don't just want you to get on that first page. We want to get you the leads. We want to show you a Return on Your Investment.

We help small businesses that need the phone to ring but have to deal with running that business.

Imagine your business when you can honestly have to hire more help. When you have started saying no because you are too busy. When you can make a difference in the bottom line.

What could you do then, instead of being confused by how digital marketing works or how you can compete, you can focus on what you do best?

Learn More About Houston SEO

Houston SEO, Search engine optimization, is not only about Search Engines, it’s primary purpose is to make sure your customers can find your website, find what they need on your website and know what to do when they get to your website.

GlobalSpex SEO Marketing can be your partner on the internet.

Before you read what we have to say, be sure to review what the 3 major search engines have to say about SEO:

Search Engine Friendly Websites

Organic SEO Houston

Our work is organic. Meaning we start with research and your goals then we work on your website. Content is king as Google says and we take that seriously.

As part of our web development services (Yes, all of our websites are optimized regardless how small or big), our websites perform well in the search engines because they are built on sound SEO principles. Websites that are not search engine friendly will not perform well in the search engines despite all your SEO efforts like content, link building, meta tags, and key word research. We work to have HTML that validates and we strive for zero html/xhtml code errors.

Great website navigation and organization, clean code, smart linking, and easily-categorized content is our Houston Texas SEO Services' baseline. We don’t hype miracle cures or deception.

SEO Search Engine Marketing Periodic Table
Search engine optimization (SEO) seems like alchemy to the uninitiated. But there's a science to it. Below are some important "ranking factors" and best practices that can lead to success with both search engines and searchers.

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Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Why Do I Need To Create Regular Content?

First and foremost, before you do any SEO changes, make sure you are writing to your customers and not for the search engines. That means don’t load your pages with key phrases that make no sense. Your customers are smart enough to know the difference, and search engines know the difference. (Google will go so far as to ban your website for keyword stuffing.)

Even though you get top in the rankings, it doesn’t always mean that folks will stay there. Always ask yourself, is this information my customers want to read about and learn? Will this help them make a decision? Will this keep them on my site and not hit the back button (your bounce-back rate)? Is this information below is a video from one of Google’s software engineers, Matt Cutts. In it, he explains that it’s not really the size of your site but the quality of the links to it. How important and unique is your content? Is it unique and relevant?

We can help with this.

We have SEO writers that can convert your content from blah to wow!

We’ll make sure that your customers know “the next step.” What we mean is that your visitor will know to call, email, register, or sign-up. Don’t make them guess.

Why Is Code Important to SEO?

According to Google, “If fancy features such as JavaScript, cookies, session IDs, frames, DHTML, or Flash keep you from seeing all of your site in a text browser, then search engine spiders may have trouble crawling your site.”

What Is Meant By 'Proper Code' For SEO?

Why is Proper Website Code Important?

Google, Yahoo, and MSN each have their own means of collecting websites relevant to your search queries. Each Search Engine uses an algorithm based on links from and to other sites, your web content, meta tags, and many other technical issues.

So What Do You Mean by ‘Good Code?’

Well, there are few items that the SE bots look for when they come to your site.

  • Validated Code. We make sure our code validates based on W3C standards. All SEs claim that poorly code will impact your search indexing.“Use well-formed, HTML code in your webpages.” From Bing.com https://validator.w3.org/. “Just as texts in a language can include spelling or grammar errors, documents using Markup languages may (for various reasons) not be following these rules. This does not mean that the website is good. It only means that a tool (not necessarily without flaws) has found the page to comply with a specific set of rules. No more, no less. Cite W3C.org
  • Meta Title Tag. Users are more likely to click a link if the title matches their search.
  • Meta Description Tag. This information may show in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
  • Meta Keyword Tag. Google does not care for this, but Yahoo and Bing do.
  • Alt Text for Images. It’s a good page design to accommodate text browsers or visually impaired visitors, and it helps improve the text content of your page for search purposes. Cite Yahoo
  • Actual text. Fill your pages with relevant content (not text made to be a graphic).
  • Actual links to either internal pages or other websites.

What Is Page Rank?


PageRank relies on the democratic nature of the internet by using each website’s ability to link to each other. Linking is an indicator of a page’s value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts a vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves “important” weigh more heavily and help make other pages “important.”

How Important Is It That I Get Links To My Website?


Every incoming link to your site is a ‘vote’ indicating importance. But not all links are created equal. Link popularity remains an important part of a successful search engine optimization campaign. We will help you attract the kinds of quality links that can improve your rankings.

Our Linking methodology:

  • Baiting. Content is king! Always! We will help make your site unique. “Google algorithm has become much more elegant and advanced, devaluing staggering amount of links that shouldn’t count, and placing more emphasis on trusted links.” Great article on "Why Houston SEO content important."
  • Directories. We use a combination of paid and free directories when establishing directory links to client sites, and these will vary based on the subject or niche of pages.
  • Widgets. Build feeds from videos, blogs, RSS, and tweets. By adding content through feeds, you reach people external to your site and connect with end-users directly.

Do I Need To Register My Website?

We register your site with the major search engines and directories (not the 1000s that some sites claim). We will make recommendations regarding any paid, legitimate submissions to industry-specific directories we think might help you achieve your goal.

Google doesn’t require submission or registration, but it can be helpful to manage your submission using Google Search tools manually. Yahoo and several other hybrid search engine/directories have expedited and pay-to-submit services that are sometimes worth pursuing.

What Type Of SEO Tools Do You Use?

We use the 3 major search engine webmaster tools for Houston SEO.

We are very transparent and provide you with all of the same tools we use. We won’t hide this from you, and we don’t try to make you think that we’ve got special, secret gear.

We use these tools because they are there for a reason, but it means a bit of manual effort to review your website based on what the Search Engine sees.

Each SE has its own algorithm, but they are useful.

From these pages, we register your website by uploading robots.txt and, if needed, a sitemap file. Below are the Houston SEO online tools that you can review yourself.

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