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Maintenance Requests

Not a Current Care Plan Customer?

If you are not on one of our Website Care Plans, you can request an update to your website or have us fix it. Unfortunately, we cannot help you update or maintain your website if we have not done a thorough website audit. As websites can be as unique as a zebra's stripes, we must 'look under the hood' to be sure it is something we can fix or help.

If you are a new customer and we have not worked on your website before, our team will require a website audit.

Website Audit Steps

Step 1: Website Audit

We begin with a full backup of your website and update WordPress and its plugins.

Additionally, we look over the your website’s code and features to identify problems that could pose an issue for monthly maintenance.

Step 2: Audit Report

You will receive a report with recommendations to help improve your website. This might include SEO, image selection, text, or formatting.

We may encourage you to move forward with one of our website support plans.      

Step 3: Support Ticket

After reviewing your website, we will create a support ticket to begin making the recommended changes or any updates you have requested.

A ticket will be generated using our support platform and you'll receive a ticket number.

Complete the form below to request a website audit.

Please Note: Website audits inquiries are for websites built on WordPress and act as a precursor to monthly support and maintenance with GlobalSpex.

We require $100 deposit for all work. We will refund your money if we cannot help you fix or update your website.