Upgrade WordPress


Why Upgrade WordPress?

Every so often, WordPress needs to make some upgrades to their free Content Management System platform. When that happens it is important to take the time and upgrade the software. There is two reasons why upgrading is very important. If your website is not hosted with our WordPress Hosting package, we'll be glad to upgrade to the last secure upgrade which we recommend to keep your site secure. During the upgrade, we will back up and make any minor tweaks if necessary up to a half-hour.

Yes, please help me and upgrade my WordPress!

Our services include:

  • Backup your database - contains all content from pages and posts
  • Backup your entire Website - (including the theme) Stored on our file storing the program.
  • Check for Broken Links
  • Scan for Malware
  • Upgrade WordPress Security  – as new versions are released
  • Update WordPress Plug-ins
  • Empty Comment Spam & Trash
  • Reviewing any bug or appearance fixes.

*Beyond basic fixes we will let you know if there are major breaks that will require additional programming. If they are beyond your budget or you do not wish us to make these changes we will return your website to its original state.1)

Security – WordPress is open-source software and over time can be vulnerable to attacks. But all of these updates, both minor and large, fill those holes and improve the security of your site. This is critical and that’s why it’s so important to stay updated on everything, including your plugins.2)

Feature Improvements – Yes, not only does the team working on WordPress create some awesome new features, or improve the look and ease-of-use, they do many things on the back end to make it work better and faster.

But, should you update every time? That is a personal preference as to when you update it might cause minor issues like plugins not working, design issues, etc. But these are rare and can usually be fixed quickly. Plugin authors tend to keep their plugins up-to-date as well to make sure they work with the latest WordPress.If you would like to upgrade your WordPress yourself, you can. Before you do, be sure you follow these directions:

  1. Back up everything. WordPress has two parts, your database and WordPress files, including your design theme and plugins. Your database is most important, it holds all your content: your pages, your posts, the heart and soul of your blog.  It also might store some basic information on your theme or plugins.  There are plugins that you can install to help this.
  2. Update via FTP or your WordPress which has an option to automatically upgrade. More details here: https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Backups
  3. Test the results. You might find that you might need to do some tweaking to the design or a plugin does not work now. If it breaks, at least you have your backup!

Yes, please help me and upgrade my WordPress!