Google Places Facts and Benefits

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    Google Places Facts and Benefits

    Listing your physical location in Google Places is essential in today’s retail and business climate.  You want your business to come up at the top of the list, when people are using apps and Maps to find your type of product or service.  But — more than that — you also want to present your business in its absolute best light, instantly inspiring confidence and trust in potential customers.

    It’s always easy to procrastinate using the internet to promote your business — particularly when yours is a “bricks and mortar” operation, and you’re dealing day to day with customers walking through your door — but if you stop and think of the advantages of Google Places for Business (and the opportunities for increasing your profits by building loyal, repeat customers who can easily find your store) it’s worth taking the time to read.

    Google Places can help your business…

    • Vault past more popular or established competitors
    • Capture “hidden” customer pockets – whose absence is only caused by the fact that they haven’t yet discovered you
    • Build a top ranking swiftly, through citations and reviews you receive
    • Link with Google Maps for ease in bringing people to your doorstep
    • Control what searchers see and find
    • Enable people to find your business and reach you – even if you don’t have a physical public store, office or showroom
    • Present all contact information (and location) neatly and easily, in one convenient location
    • Display your hours of business
    • Allow you to offer coupons and discounts (which in themselves can help you track your traffic and understand it better)
    • Allow you to use videos and photographs to enhance your business “curb appeal”
    • Be perfectly positioned, as more and more people abandon paper directories in favor of phone apps and internet listings
    • Be found through the various mobile technology.
    • Include featured reviews and citations, so potential customers can instantly find the “proof” they need that your business is a better place to start than a competitor’s
    • Dramatically extend your reach

    One of the key factors to keep in mind about customers today:  They no longer source local businesses the old way.  Instead, they are highly interactive, and want answers instantly and immediately.  The quicker they can find out all about your business, the more they are likely to choose you over competitors.

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