My favorite iPhone Apps for Web Designers

Another list, but this time I created one for Web Designers. I do update this periodically because as iPhone apps are updated so is their functionality.

  1. ezShare by Antecea Inc. Great tool to keep copies of important documents on your computer as well as your iPhone. The only downside is that it cannot print unless you are using a Mac and will sync the files. So if you change your file on your computer, you’ll need to download the file once again to your iPhone. It does, however, keep the same directory structure.
  2. Endcamp by Encamp. Lets me see my web design project management tool with Basecamp. I can view my Milestones, Tasks, and messages from customers. Now I just need one for my online web maintenance management tool.
  3. Evernote by the Evernote Corporation. This is my newest tool in my arsenal. It saves me hours of locating snippets of ideas, website passages, menus, etc. I now use it with Jott which allows me to call Jott, choose Evernote to ‘call,’ which in turn emails Evernote a transcribed version of my voicemail.
  4. Pandora by Pandora. This tool isn’t much of web designer’s actual tool but can help when stuck with an idea and you need to get up off the chair and bounce around while listening to some cool “Hall & Oats” internet radio. Don’t laugh! I am a product of the 80’s.
  5. Google Tools. While it’s not really an application, Google offers a way to access all their services. Even better you can search using your voice.  “Speak your queries instead of typing them (English only).”
  6. Currently, I am trying out a new application, Ping. (no longer available) From here I can update all of my social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Like a lip balm that is tinted and has SPF, anything that combines services in one is a life saver! I’ll keep you posted.

iPhone Screenshots

By the way, did you know you can do a screenshot of your iPhone? I didn’t until recently. Press the ‘on/off’ button at the top of your iPhone and press the Home button at the same time. Then go to your Evernote application and paste it into a new note. Save it then you can access it from your computer and use it for a tutorial or test your websites. How cool, huh?

Christina Hawkins

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