Developing Your Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy for 2023

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    Your clients are starting their search for products and services online, so you need a solid online presence. For business success, companies require a detailed strategy to get on their prospect’s radar. Each industry has its tools and tactics, and once you’ve developed the right digital marketing strategy, you’ll experience more website visits, leads, and new customers!

    If you’re working with an outdated marketing plan, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for the new year is essential for reaching your target audience and maximizing growth. Your new strategy must reflect the strengths of your company and the needs of your target market. A well-thought-out plan in place directs your efforts efficiently so that you can get the best results with minimal investment.

    Why Does Business Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

    Effective digital marketing is essential to success in business.

    Building  a tailored digital marketing strategy will give you more clarity on the number of leads you need, how you’ll get them, and how you’ll convert them.

    You can enjoy more qualified leads and conversions and allow for a more concrete  marketing budget, while , building credibility .

    When correctly set up and executed, you can also ensure that you show up in search engine results when prospects are looking for the products and services you provide!

    Before You Get Started

    Before you can prepare to hit the ground running in the new year, get a few things in order before you assemble all of the essential components of a successful digital marketing strategy.

    First, what makes your business different from the rest? What is your USP?

    Defining a USP (unique selling point) is crucial when it comes to standing apart from competitors. This could be anything ranging from top-notch quality services and unique offerings to impressive performance statistics – ensuring that you’re highlighting something special which puts you ahead of the game!

    How do you stand out from your competition? Once you’ve discovered this, use it throughout all outreach elements: website content, social media, and print materials for branding.

    Identify Your Ideal Customer

    When you identify your idea customers, you can craft the perfect message.

    Understand Your Customer’s Obstacles

    You understand their problems, needs, and desires. It’s not always about price.

    It might be about speed and availability. Can you offer 48-hour turn-around service? If so, for who? What size home or office should it be?

    Some customers might have precious heirlooms. Do you have the right team for that? Have you built a messaging and a brand around it?

    Maybe your ideal customers include high-rise offices and upscale homes? Does your websie convey that message?

    Once you’ve identified your audience, you can create content that speaks to them.

    Get A Competitive Edge

    To get the edge on your competition:

    1. Dive into what they do well and where there is room to grow.
    2. Take a closer look at their marketing initiatives – from website content to digital ads and social media presence.
    3. Examine how they communicate with customers and why it works for them.
    4. Research your competitors locally and around the country.
    5. Find out what methods work for them and what they can improve upon in their business. You’ll also need to look at their marketing efforts.
    6. Check out their website, social media profiles, and ads that they place.
    7. Browse through their blog posts and see how they speak to their customers and what value they provide. 

    Focus On Your Company

    Examine the marketing strategies and their success and struggles of the past year to uncover the most effective methods. With analytics, you’ll be able to discover any missed opportunities. Did some things show promise but needed more consistency?

    Lastly, you need to set your goals to know what you want to achieve and have a benchmark to evaluate your results. What would it take to increase sales by 10%? Establishing objectives is critical – to accomplish this goal, you need to gain 200 more leads.  

    Track your digital marketing success by setting specific KPIs and realistic benchmarks. By regularly monitoring these indicators, you’ll be able to stay on target while driving your strategy forward. For example, use the “email open” rate as a KPI to measure progress towards the goal of 30%.

    The Components of a Digital Marketing Plan

    With a well-defined vision of your company, customer personas, and analytics in place, you can assemble the pieces for an effective digital marketing campaign that will engage customers and deliver desired outcomes. Let’s get to the meat of the work, building your digital marketing strategy.

    Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EEAT)

    Search engines are looking for that EEAT factor. How are you going to build that into your digital marketing?

    This is where you have to work with and actually partner with your marketing agency. You can’t farm out content, social posts, and ads and expect results. You have be a part of the process by providing various content and media that can help build out a true search solution strategy.

    What to look for:

    1. Frequently Asked Questions. Listen to your customers during each call and interaction whether that’s online or offline. Document all of their questions and go back and answer them. This is great information to build your content strategy.
    2. Branded photos. Make sure everyone has their t-shirts and hats when you take photos. Place them in front of the truck, the office, the house, etc.
    3. Amateur videos. Yes, send us your phone videos! Upload to your Instagram or Facebook authentic, short video of you and your team at work.
    4. Customize blog content. We are happy to write our client’s content and do our best to make it unique but we do recommend sending us your thoughts and ideas. If you are a remodeler or construction company, featured projects are the best way to build that expertise and authority.
    5. Reviews. Keep u with those reviews! Always be asking! Make sure they get shared on social media and your website.

    1. Web Design & Branding

    Your Website Is The Foundation Of Your Marketing Strategy

    When customers feel confident that you are a reputable company, they are more likely to choose you for their next opportunity. Your website will help to instill that confidence. Optimized and well-designed websites increase leads and drive conversions. Create an effective online presence starting with a beautiful website that’s easy to use and navigate, no matter the device. Offer visitors automated forms for ordering and setting up consultations. Make sure that you have your contact information prominently displayed. Your website should also feature strong calls to action, giving your audience an incentive to reach out today! Give visitors an inviting digital space to explore and get to know all you offer. Allow them to interact with valuable features.

    Content Marketing

    As part of your marketing strategy, incorporate content marketing. Creating compelling content involves knowing and understanding what appeals most to your target market or their biggest struggles. Spark interest with blog posts, videos, and podcasts about hot topics, checklists, and guides with helpful tips or product information. 

    You want to engage and educate potential customers with your content. Answer their question about your services or products, showcase features, and spotlight your team. Search engine crawlers will love it too!

    Company Blog

    An active company blog will help improve your search engine ranking. By providing helpful information and valuable advice, prospects can see why your business should be their go-to source. It will also help to establish your team as credible experts. Publish great posts regularly for maximum impact; fresh content leads to more prospects!

    Establish Your Brand

    Having an established brand identity that personifies your company and announces your purpose can help you create connections with consumers. A powerful logo, striking colors, and other visuals will all come together to form your company branding, giving your business its distinct personality. Your company can cultivate an image of trustworthiness and professionalism with cohesive branding. By unifying your look across all channels, you will convey a message that resonates with customers.

    2. Reputation Management

    A great brand image can significantly impact your company’s prospects. When your company has a positive brand image, prospects feel more comfortable working with it. Reputation management is essential – it allows you to stay one step ahead, tracking how customers view and respond to your business so that any improvements necessary are quickly identified and addressed. 

    With effective reputation management strategies in place, the ultimate goal of improving customer relationships becomes achievable! Maintaining your business’s positive image is key, starting with reputation management. Monitor conversations around your company on social media, review websites, and organic search results.

    Take the time to read customer feedback – both positive and negative. Use the feedback you find to improve your processes or products and show customers that their thoughts and opinions matter – respond with a positive tone, answer any questions they might have, and put changes based on customer suggestions in place. But remember, discernment is vital – beware of internet trolls, and don’t respond to them.

    3. Search Solutions

    Search Engine Optimization

    A website is an ultimate tool for connecting with your audience, but only if it’s properly optimized. Research indicates that most internet users limit their browsing to the results shown on Google’s first page during a search – making SEO (Search Engine Optimization0 a valuable tool in gaining online visibility. By incorporating keywords and phrases explicitly related to your industry, products, and services into your website content and blog posts, prospects are more likely to find your business.

    SEO optimization can seriously supercharge your website. It is key to getting noticed on the web. Effective SEO optimization will make your site more visible and draw in more traffic. SEO optimization includes on-site, off-site, and Google My Business implementation.

    On-Page Search Engine Optimization

    Craft website content that includes strategic keywords in each page’s URLs, headings (H1-H3), titles, and meta descriptions. Ensure images receive tags and remember their alt text. Include internal links to hook readers into exploring your website further and calls to action enticing visitors toward the next step.

    Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

    For effective SEO, it’s essential to build credibility through backlinks from trusted sources like recognized websites, press outlets, and business partners. For effective SEO, it’s necessary to build credibility through backlinks from trusted sources like recognized websites, press outlets, and business partners. Optimize each page with links associated with the keywords you want to rank for; you can boost your website ranking by increasing its backlinks.

    Local Search Engine Optimization

    A solid local SEO presence is key to ensuring your website appears near the top of search results. This starts with your NAP – Name, Address, and Phone Number. This critical information can accumulate citations across the internet to help your business appear as one of the first search results.

    Increase your online presence and reach potential customers by claiming and optimizing your Google My Business profile. Ensure you select the appropriate categories and provide an extensive description of your business description and what makes it unique. Take advantage of visuals and videos for a more engaging experience. Utilize GMB’s features to enhance customer interactions with messaging and appointment booking capabilities.

    If you want to be successful with local SEO, remember your business listing, citations, your GMB listing, and location-specific webpages. Create your Google My Business GMB profile and include contact and location information. This will help customers find you and help you appear in the highly visible Google Maps 3-Pack.

    Online Directory Listings

    Boost your online presence and increase visibility with online directories. These are listings of businesses and websites where your audience can search for services and products they need. Some directories cover a specific city; others include companies in certain industries. Search engines like directories give you another place to get backlinks and improve your rank in local search.

    Keyword Selection & Optimization

    Choosing the right keywords and phrases comes down to in-depth keyword research. This process is used to find those search terms that users enter into search engines. This is how you will discover which keywords are being used, how popular each is, how they rank, and more. Not only does keyword research help you higher in the search engines, but it also helps you create the content your audience needs and wants.

    When searching for the best keywords, you want them to be relevant. Think about user intent and their buying intent when they begin a Google Search and list all of the words and phrases you believe your audience will use to find your products and services. You will then check the monthly search volume for each. 

    Use Google Keyword Planner to get your potential keywords’ search volume and traffic information. Remember to include long-tail keywords, those longer phrases with more than a couple of words. Then you’ll have a list of keywords to help you create website content and blog posts. Remember that keyword popularity changes, so do this at least each quarter.

    PPC Advertising

    Turbocharge your efforts by targeting keywords and phrases with pay-per-click advertising. Once your campaign is created, your ad is instantly visible to potential customers. Ensure that the web pages your users land on when they click on your ads provide them with top-quality content related to their original search query. 

    Google Ads is one of the most popular and effective platforms for PPC. Just create your ads and define how much you want to allocate per click to stay within your budget.

    4. Expanding Your Reach

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media offers the perfect platform to showcase your services and products, promotions, and more, allowing you to engage with customers directly. When satisfied customers review your company and share their experiences online, they provide vital social proof. Social Media ads are also one of the most cost-effective ways to capture leads in today’s digital world!

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing remains one of the most profitable tactics for companies, offering an impressive return on investment (ROI) of $38 per every dollar spent! Email helps you lead them through the buying journey, maintain customer relationships, and provide helpful tips and tools. Your email messages should be personalized and promote your content, brand, products, and services. 

    Every other marketing method can be promoted in your emails. When you have a new blog post, share it with your subscribers. Create a social media contest, and send invitations through email. Have a new product and want to get visitors to your new product page? Send out an email promoting the page and the product.

    Automating your emails makes it easier to reach out to your audience via email regularly. Find tools that integrate with your CRM or customer relationship management software. Use a subscriber form or pop-up to aid your visitors in joining your email list. 

    Offer a giveaway or checklist for subscribing. When sending out emails, consider the buyer’s journey. Your campaigns should start with your recipient’s stage in the buyer journey and help them to get to the next step.

    Email Workflows.

    When someone completes your consult or estimate request, don’t end there. Make sure they are placed into an email funnel to keep them engaged until you can have that first real contact.

    5. Marketing Automation

    With marketing automation, your company can target prospects and customers with automated messages across multiple platforms. It allows you to streamline tasks like generating leads, nurturing relationships, and measuring the success of your campaigns. Set up email, social media, and text campaigns.

    Marketing automation is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to increase their efficiency, reach more customers and generate more leads. By automating the execution of marketing tasks such as collecting customer data, segmenting audiences, creating personalized content and optimizing campaigns, it’s possible to save time and gain valuable insights quickly. Additionally, using marketing automation can help you reduce costs associated with paid advertising while also maximizing ROI through targeted campaigns.

    Smart Forms

    Tools like smart forms and chat that are tied to Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) will help you skip the manual entry and reduce errors as well as gain insights into your sales process.

    Automate Post Sharing

    Tools like Missinglettr takes the hassle out of content distribution by creating a 2 week, 6 month, or 12-month social media campaign from your blog posts. People have the worst habit of sharing a great blog post one time. We recommend automating this process and kick off a whole campaign that gets seen over and over.

    6. Analysis and Reporting

    Continuing Improvement Through Analysis and Reporting

    Achieving success in digital marketing is not just about executing a good strategy but also tracking and analyzing the results. Observe critical metrics such as website traffic, lead quality, sales gained from initiatives, and conversion rates to ensure your efforts are working. To make the process easier, use Google Analytics to monitor these performance indicators. Knowing how these things stack up will ultimately show which tactics are hitting their mark and which aren’t making much of an impact.

    Partner with GlobalSpex Internet Marketing to Boost Your Digital Presence and Grow Your Business

    Are you trying to improve your company’s online visibility, get ahead of the competition, and boost your revenue? Global Spex is here to help! We know the ins and outs of digital marketing strategies. Our audit process can uncover opportunities you may have missed. 

    Check out our Internet Marketing Workbook; it’s the perfect tool for jumpstarting your marketing efforts. Let’s get started with your expert strategy call.

    Developing Your Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy for 2023

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