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    People still pay more attention to emails (as long as they’re not considered spam) than social media. The nature of the online customers is such that their attention span is short lived. Your website should offer, within 3 seconds, something compelling, if not they will move on to the next site without delay. Therefore it is important to not only attract their attention but to hold it for enough time to keep their attention and eventually steer them to make the purchase, request the offer, or subscribe to the newsletter.

    Many companies have an email newsletter. But usually it’s full of me, me, me, what they’re doing, their products, but nothing of value to the subscriber. Outside weekly coupons, your newsletter should reflect your markets needs and questions.

    If the visitor is not converted into a customer through calls to action (make a call, download now, request an estimate, buy now) or at least a subscriber to your website, they can be lost forever. There are many ways to convert visitors.

    1. Providing a captivating blog to draw them in. Professional bloggers call this Link Bait. It is a strategy that can lead to a large number of backlinks pointing back to your site from other websites. This can pull users from other sources. At the end of the article or content, your visitor should be offered to subscribe to your mailing list so that they continue to receive free updates in future.
    2. Make it easy to subscribe. You either send users to a landing page highlighting the benefits of your newsletter or your subscribe form should be on every page with your compelling offer. Make sure it is noticeable and stands out from your regular content. It should either be the form or within one click send them to the form.
    3. Offer something free or something compelling. It helps when people are promised a little extra and maybe a free e-book or report that is important to their industry or interest. They will look forward to receiving more of such offers in the future. Offer a sample newsletter. On the squeeze page or subscribe form, give them a glimpse of your newsletter so they can sample your content and what to expect. You don’t want entice visitors that might not be interested in your style or approach to business. Be honest with your target market.
    4. Be clear about your subscribe policy. With the increase in email fraud, internet hacking, and identity theft, people are becoming more and more careful about revealing their email or subscribing to internet offers. Again, be honest if you intend to share their email with chosen third parties (best that it relates to their interest) or you do not intend to give their email address.

    So although your long term goal should be to convert visitors to clients. Your short-term goal should be to convert visitors to subscribers. Once their interest is aroused and they subscribe to your mailing list, you have a long term member who can be a permanent part of your future marketing strategy.

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