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    For small construction businesses, the past few months have illustrated something very clearly. Traditional marketing has changed. Whether we like it or not, the way we marketed to customers just doesn’t work anymore. Post-COVID things are different.

    Marketing today looks different than it did even a year ago. One of the most effective ways to bring in traffic and create an audience is with digital marketing and the most important tool for that is your website. Your construction website is where you should be funneling your marketing efforts right now. This is where you need to upgrade your brand, build on your message, and

    We’ve put together a list of the nine must-haves you’ll need when you redesign your construction website.


    A service landing pages is an effective way to essentially drill your users into your particular skills and helps qualify your construction leads.

    This is where you share your skills and targeted services but can also help with your search engine optimization. It’s very hard to rank for words like ‘remodel my home’ than it is for ‘remodel my Atlanta bathroom

    construction website design example

    Some construction companies focus on kitchen remodeling or outdoor additions others and like to specialize in ‘barndominiums’ or ‘She Sheds.’ Having specific service pages for each major service gives you the chance to go into depth about what you do.

    Gone are the days of a single Services page featuring a simple bulleted list or 1-2 sentences of the general things you do. That’s not how quality online presence works.

    For example, on the kitchen remodeling pages, you can discuss the pros and cons of different types of cabinetry that you chose and why. You can review the purpose for remodeling a bathroom and the planning and decisions you take to help your customers get the best results.

    Then to build more trust, you gather your most recent blog posts that you have shared around that topic.

    More features to includes on your service pages:

    • Your Competitive Advantage. Discuss why you are different from everyone else.
    • List sub services. Include the many benefits of working with you.
    • Add frequently asked questions: Ask and answer the many questions you get from new customers.
    • Link to other pages. Be sure to link to other pages related to your service. This could be state regulations and guidelines. You could link to your portfolio specific to that work.

    This is your chance to attract the right kind of customers. Give them details on what you do best and who you work best with can greatly improve your sales and stop wasting time on the wrong leads.


    Construction location pages, or geolocation, help you target customers who are within specific locations or communities surrounding a major city. By promoting the area you are also sharing your knowledge of the locality as well as benefit from local SEO writing. The issue is that you have to create unique pages to provide a more focused and targeted user experience and avoid duplicate content penalties. 

    The key to an effective location page is to make them as helpful as possible while still describing the community in somewhat educated details.

    construction location

    What can you discuss?

    • Create a geo-page for each location. Each geo-page should be location-specific. Make each page the most reliable and trusted source of information for that location
    • Share content specific to that location. Be sure to build out each page so it’s specific to that location.
    • An overview of the business location: A few lines about the geographic area an office is in can help customers find your location and help you rank better in local searches
    • An integrated map: Almost all of us use web-based maps to find where we’re going; make it easier for your customers by integrating one into your location landing pages
    • Photographs: When you include photos of each location, it helps build trust with your audience and they can recognize specific locations 


    About Us web pages are an excellent way for brands to share what’s most important to them. They can tell their audience about their history and values in one neat, dedicated space.

    About Us pages should be engaging– especially because today’s consumers are shifting towards brands they feel they can connect with. This is the perfect opportunity to help share your construction company’s voice without coming off as salesy or pushy.

    The ideal About Us page isn’t going to come from a bulleted list of tips; these pages should be totally unique to your company. With that said, you can keep these elements in mind while you’re creating yours:

    • Real-world examples and anecdotes: Help position your company as trustworthy and experienced
    • Minimize jargon and buzzwords: Your peers understand these words, but your customers don’t
    about us example


    This page helps you qualify your customers by asking specific questions. This is where you get detailed about the kind of jobs you are looking for and the kind of customers you’d like to attract. The questions lead people down a path and depending on their answers they can be sent to a separate page that either sends them to setup an appointment or prompts them to call you.

    What questions should you ask?

    • The type of construction they are looking for.
    • The size of their home or property.
    • How quickly are they looking to start work?
    • Where is the property located?
    • What is your budget?
    • Ask them to describe their project.

    This is only a preliminary consultation request. You are not providing the answers only an opportunity to have an appointment with you. During this discovery session, this is where you get to know their requirements and start to build a relationship.

    construction website content example


    This is the page that speaks volumes about your work but is very difficult to pull off. If your photos don’t match the type of work you are wanting to attract or are poorly photographed, it can have huge effect on your ability to convert a user to a lead.

    The other reason why it’s difficult is that many builders simply forget to document their work and it is very hard to go back to a customer after you’ve already completed the build or remodel.

    Construction companies should use portfolio pages to help display their experience and expertise. It immediately communicates your abilities through imagery, which keeps website visitors on your website and happily visiting your projects section looking at your pictures and realizing how awesome you are. If you have impressive photos of your work that speak for themselves, it speaks volumes.

    The same SEO advice applies here as it does to other pages– use keywords, optimize URLs, etc. Portfolio pages provide a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your authority.

    construction portfolio example


    • The Setup. To get the best reaction, make sure that the pictures or videos you use are clear and bright and not too compressed.
      • Clear out the room of clutter.
      • If it’s outside, remove lingering equipment or trash.
    • The Work. Try to choose media that clearly represents your abilities; if it falls short, you might be losing out on customers. If you overhype what you have to offer, it might lead to disappointed customers. 
    • The Process. Document the whole process as way to convert your portfolio into case studies. Photograph the crew at work doing their work; hammering, painting, climbing ladders, digging, managing machinery, etc.
    • The Crew. Choose candid shots over staged. Candid shots are generally more interesting because they show people in their natural states/
    • The Angles. Get creative with your angles. Shoot from above and below or from a corner. Get closer to the action so we can see some detail. 

    If it’s part of the budget, try to hire a professional for the AFTER photos. You’ll get the right lighting and staging completed. You can work with the interior designer or the realtor to help with budgeting.

    Portfolio Requirements:

    • High quality
    • Bright
    • Clean
    • Wide-angle
    • Many angles
    • Categorize them

    6. Branding

    Let’s face it, branding is an essential component of absolutely any business. Having an established brand makes sure you are consistent throughout your platforms, so customers begin to recognize your company consistently.

    A strong brand builds trust with your clients. 

    When it comes to construction projects, clients are going to be more likely to choose a company they recognize rather than a company they do not recognize or has a poor branding design.

    Your branding should be visible throughout your site and speak to the overall brand message you want to convey:

    • Use your logo throughout the website
    • Stick to certain colors, styles, and formats to strengthen branding
    • Use content to share your brand voice

    7. Careers Page

    Sometimes the reason construction companies reach out to us asking for help with their website and online marketing is because they want more leads.

    After we deliver the website and deliver the leads, the next problem is finding qualified people to fill the positions.

    Like the consultation request, a career page with a list of vacancies can help qualify people. You can automate this and there are a few 3rd party tools as well but a simple form with the ability to upload a Doc or PDF can work too.

    With job seekers researching company social media pages, Glassdoor reviews, and company branding before applying to jobs, it’s important that your career page conveys your company values, culture, and principles.  

    Make sure your messaging speaks to your prospective talent.

    Elements to include on your Career Page:

    • Leadership organization
    • Photos of your crew
    • Describe each job opportunity
    • Describe your training and safety measures
    • Talk about your diversity and your growth opportunities
    career page example

    8. Clean Web Code

    It’s a little nerdy, I know, and I won’t dwell too much on it, but we need to talk about how your website is coded. A website that loads fast is essential for any construction website. Believe me, your customers care about it and so do the search engines.

    Good code quality doesn’t happen by accident.  Choose wisely.

    We don’t recommend purchasing a theme from a theme factory with tons of features and whiz-bang pop site elements because those come with a cost. All of that code or features may be detrimental as the website usually has to load a lot of unnecessary files. Cleaning that up can be time consuming and costly.

    Why is it important to have clean code?

    • Improved efficiency
    • Improved maintenance
    • Easier to find and correct errors
    • Cost efficient
    • More flexible

    Below is a visual example of how Google’s mobile performance. The blank rectangles represent the Filmstrip capture rendering. This is what the loading of your site looked like. Too many squares says it took too long for your website to load.

    mobile speed rendering example

    Then other tools, like GTMetrix, shows how much time it took to load.

    mobile speed rendering example

    9. NAP

    Name, address, and phone (also known as NAP) are critical to businesses looking to rank well in local search results. Your NAP is What Causes You to Appear in Geo-Targeted Searches. Search engines use name, address, and phone number information to decide which listings to show in a geo-targeted search. If you don’t include this information on your website and social media profiles, search engines won’t know to display your business when someone conducts a local search for your products or services.

    In short:

    • Your NAP should be listed in the same exact way across the web. This includes your address and phone. If you street is spelling St. then don’t use Street on one platform and St. on another platform.
    • NAP should be displayed at the top and the footer of a website

    Curious about your NAP status? We recommend checking with MozLocal. It will give you a review and listing of your name, address, and phone across the internet.

    name address phone example

    10. Testimonials

    Testimonials are an ideal way to boost your audience’s trust in your brand. If you’re a construction company owner, the best way to get reviews is as soon as you can. Try not to wait days or weeks after the project. It’s best to request a review before you finish the job as you near the end.

    There are tools out there that can automate this asking them simple rating question as well as more comments. If it was poor, then you get notified so you remedy the problem before it gets sent out in the wild to Google or Facebook.

    When you have testimonials and reviews on your website, it helps demonstrate that you’re open to showing your work to potential customers.

    The most important part of any review system is to establish credibility and trust. When people like your product and they share the experience, other people would be interested and would likely join the bandwagon.

    rankings for construction companies
    rankings for construction companies

    Construction Website Design Services By GlobalSpex, Inc. 

    If you want your construction website design to rank and convert well, be sure it boasts all of these must-have features. Tools like local SEO for construction companies will help you close the deal and grow your audience. 

    Looking to learn more about how your construction website could work for you? Contact us today to learn more about our signature Construction Digital Marketing system.

    Nine Essentials for Construction Web Design

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