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    In this post, I want to discuss the importance of why you should create a company Google account to manage your various online platforms instead of using a personal or employee account.  

    Your Google Business Account

    Your Google Business account is, essentially, your Google Gmail account. In this case, it’s the account that you want to create that becomes your primary login or user account to access various Google platforms.

    But let’s not confuse this type of account with your Google My Business (GMB). Your GMB is a free tool created to help businesses manage their online presence across the Google platform. It differs from other Google applications in that it is tailored specifically for local businesses.

    A Gmail account is critical because it can be used to connect the company's other Google applications and platforms. Click To Tweet Increase Efficiency & Security With A Company Google Account Click To Tweet

    You need a company Google account

    As with all Google accounts, company accounts should be tied to a single Gmail account. This can be the same Gmail account that is used by the business for online purchases or registrations as well. When I make any purchase or create a new account somewhere, I use my company Gmail account. This way, later on, a trusted staff member has access if they need to update a password or confirm a purchase. 

    I don’t recommend creating multiple Gmail accounts. Doing so can become tedious and inefficient. You’ll want to be able to jump between platforms with ease. With multiple accounts, you’ll have to add the other account and log in to view that program.

    A Google account is free. It’s a Gmail account. Mostly, this account should not be a personal email belonging to a single individual. It should not be used to manage anyone’s email or a photo gallery or personal data account. The account should be completely separate from any single person.

    If you are concerned, for most Google applications, you’ll be able to add other users, like yourself or an employee. Meaning, if you have a Google account you like to use, you can still keep that but add it as a user or an administrator. Be sure that the account you want to add is a registered Google account.

    A Gmail account is critical because it can be used to connect the company’s other Google applications and platforms. The account includes Google Photos, Google Drive for data storage, a YouTube channel, Google Adwords, and more. It is much easier to work when everything is under the same roof.

    A Gmail account is critical because it can be used to connect the company's other Google applications and platforms. Click To Tweet

    Here are some specific reasons to create a Google account:

    1. All in One Account

    As mentioned, a Google Business Account allows you to manage all your Google products with a single account. The account will manage details such as your address on Google Maps, maybe your Google voice account and contacts, company Google Photos, Google analytics, and more.

    2. It is Corporate-owned vs. Employee-owned

    As a rule of thumb, as mentioned above, the business account should not be tied to a single person, whether that is the owner or an employee or a contractor. It should be distinct from the people who manage it. More importantly, it can ensure that the brand will not be affected by the actions of employees or contractors and sometimes the business owner as well. 

    Having a corporate account can help maintain the integrity of the company’s mission as well as keep away any personal feeling if responding to reviews and comments or accidental edits. The owner of the company or the CEO should remain open-minded and be informed but let someone without a personal attachment prepare a response if the review is poor. Having a separate account allows for more delegation and oversight. More on how to respond to a Google review.

    3. Security

    Having a Google Business account can ensure that you own your business and not a 3rd party organization. Claiming the Gmail account like [email protected], as well as any other platforms can discourage others from claiming ownership of your brand. I’ve seen issues where a 3rd party or contractor owns a specific platform like the GMB or YouTube account, and it’s almost impossible to get it back. Many of my customers have had to start over, reviews and all. You want to maintain the integrity of all of your online platforms and therefore your brand.

    4. Separation

    When you are ready to sell, imagine the quandary you’ll have trying to separate the personal work you’ve done from the company. You will appreciate having everything about the company under one single account. This way, you can hand over the login of a single account instead of having to transfer different account details to the new owners. Consider also that it might be easier for future buyers to trust a business with a solid structure and organization.

    How to Create a Unique Google Business Account

    To create a Gmail address, you’ll first need to create a Google account. Gmail will redirect you to the Google account sign-up page.

    1. Provide Basic Information.

    You’ll need to provide some basic information but other than what is listed below, that is all of the personal information you’ll need:

    • your name
    • birth date
    • gender (optional)
    • location

    2. Choose A Company ID.

    You will also need to choose a name that best matches your company name for your new Gmail address. I like getting as close to the company name as possible but it’s not that important since the Gmail account is really only meant to capture notifications and not for any formal company communications.

    create a google account

    3. Secure it with 2-factor authentication.

    Make sure it’s a phone number that can receive SMS messages, and it would be best if it’s an executive and not any particular employee. I manage some of my customer’s authentication but that’s just me and my customers trust me and have for a long time. When a customer leaves, I simply change the phone number to the number they desire.

    Bottom line… this email will be your primary Google account by which all of your Google platforms are managed. From here you can add users to help you manage different platforms.

    The Google platforms you should Manage with the account.

    1. Google My Business

    Your GMB is the heart of your business account with Google. It acts as a one-stop-shop for customers to view all your vital details. You can manage your all-important reviews, company and user photos, and customer questions. It is becoming essential that you won and manage this account and not a 3rd party. Do NOT let anyone other than your company representative, preferably your new Google account, own this piece of online property.

    2. YouTube

    Manage and tie your GMB to your YouTube account. Ideally, I would recommend linking these videos to your business profile, but a Google Brand account can also manage it. Below is an example. you can see the primary Gmail company account is the owner and I manage other YouTube accounts so I am able to switch back and forth.

    company youtube accounts

    3. Google Webmaster

    Google Webmaster is a great tool that helps you see what Google sees on your website. It is a virtual toolbox that checks your account for any critical issues and provides suggestions on how to fix them. It is a must-have for any business with an online presence and something that should be connected to your company account and website so you’ll receive warnings and notifications.

    4. Google Analytics

    You’ll want to manage your Google Analytics. It is a free tool that allows you to monitor how much traffic your website gets. Again, making sure the account can stand on its own makes it easier to transfer and manage when it’s tied to your corporate account. You can add users as editors, managers, or owners as you wish within the Tools section. Then you connect it to your Adwords account.. again.. separate from employee accounts.

    analytics account users

    5. Google Adwords

    Even if you have hired a 3rd party company to manage your Adwords campaign, you should own the account itself.

    I’ve seen too often where the ‘experts’ build a campaign and maybe the contractor changes ownership or their performance decreases, and maybe you need to hire someone else or bring it in-house. The issue is that they sometimes use their proprietary account to manage the campaigns and, therefore, can’t transfer ownership. Now you have years or months of work that must be abandoned. If you have your own Adwords account you can invite them to manage it. You own it outright.

    6. Google Tag Manager

    Google Tags are more advanced marketing data and analytics. With Google Tag Manager, you can deploy specific tags without having to add them to your website manually. Tying it with your company account makes it easier to connect the account to your Analytics.

    7. Google Leads

    Google Leads is the latest platform that is their pay for lead tool. Even more so than any other platform, making sure you apply using your corporate GMB account ensures that your GMB reviews are tied together. If you submit using your personal account, it will not include the many reviews the company has worked hard collecting. Below is an example. Notice the first image is from the owner using their personal account showing 1 review. The second is the company account with 51 reviews and much more detail about the company and its many years of excellent service. Using the personal account gives the prospect no sense of history or trust. Always use the corporate account. 

    google leads example

    Then, I can tie this account to their company analytics account and possibly their Adwords to track ROI across all platforms.


    As Google expands its programming and creates different opportunities, having a single, corporate account allows you to manage each of them properly and more efficiently. Then, considering that your company is bound to grow, having the ability to hand off management of these tools will help you as CEO in the long run. Not to mention if you ever need to sell the business. 


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